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    Another shy baby 💜
    Pippa is very sweet and affectionate, chirrupy and chatty, loves a fuss. Very clean, and good with the litter tray. Can hiss at first when you have to repeatedly get her out from hiding (she's good at hiding!), but she's very gentle and has never bitten or scratched. She needs a quiet adult-only home and definitely with no other pets as she's scared of her companion cat and hides mainly from him. She loves her adult foster mum but not the children especially the noisy teenager! Her previous owners said she was very homely, liked staying in and having company so she won't wander far from home.
    6 years old, neutered, chipped,  had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Poppy dilute tortie

    Next we have a shy chonky girl 💜
    Poppy is a beautiful dilute tortie with fluffy white toes. She is very nervous and will take time to come out from under the sofa, but when she does you'll be on tummy rubbing duty 24/7!
    She is curious and social, loves to see what you're doing, and doesn't want to be left alone too long. She chats a lot, even squeaking in her sleep to check if you're nearby, and she'll roll over and purr when you talk back to her.
    Poppy doesn't like loud noise or strange people, so she would be a great companion for a quiet person or a couple with a lot of time for her. Definitely no young children please! She is very good about keeping her claws away when playing but may panic-bite if she feels overwhelmed.
    She is three years old and has never been outside but would enjoy a garden away from busy roads and definitely could do with the extra exercise! At the moment she will happily take up residence by a window and watch "cat TV".
    She is a chonky girl but otherwise in excellent health. Nothing playtime and careful feeding won't fix.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Pretty little pocket panther 💜
    Luna is a lovely small short haired black cat with green eyes. She’s 5 years old and loves nothing more than sleeping on people’s laps in the evening or curling up on the sofa next to them. She’s also independent and very adventurous, particularly in the night. She likes to explore the surrounding neighbourhood so outside access is a must, away from busy roads.
    She is very affectionate and will show this with excessive purring when stroked. She is happy to be picked up, provided it is on her terms, which often means over the shoulder so she can see the world. She’s not too keen on belly rubs, unless you catch her in the right mood and nor is she a fan of other cats or dogs in the house so she is looking for a home without other animals ideally. She has not had much interaction with children, but has never shown much interest in them when she has met them.
    Luna is friendly and playful and loves human interaction. She particularly likes play time when a laser light is involved, which she will chase up and down the corridor and walls for as long as you are willing to entertain her.
    She sleeps a lot during the day, and loves anything warm. She can often be found curled up somewhere cosy in the house or lounging around on a radiator. She’s looking for a loving home with people who can give her affection and play with her when she’s bored. She needs to be rehomed due to a change in her owners circumstances and not being able to give her the attention and affection she deserves.
    Luna is still with her owner to save her the stress of an additional move into foster.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with free 5 weeks insurance.
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    Never let it be said we don't offer a wide variety of cats 😂
    Next is Senor Rupert from Spain 💜
    "He’s a very loving cat.  He likes nothing more than a snooze on your lap and loves all the attention you can give him.  He requires regular brushing and I have cut out the matted parts of fur he previously had.  Occasionally you will need to use some cooled boiled water to clean around his eyes as he sometimes misses his face when grooming and this will cause a build up of sleepies.
     He doesn’t show much interest in wet food but will eat a good bowl of dry food every day.  He is very sedentary so would make a great pet for someone who may be older and wishes for company.  He has not scratched or bitten me or anyone else at all but he is spooked by loud noises so he needs a quieter adult-only home as the only pet.  He originated from Spain and  they performed a vasectomy so although he does still have his 'trouble nuggets' he is infertile!
    He's used to going outside and lived in a rural area so needs a garden away from busy roads and someone prepared to groom him every day".
    5 yrs old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Little Lily the lovebug needs a patient owner 💜
    Lily is an 11 year old tortie tabby, whose human sadly passed away recently and her whole world was turned upside down. Unsurprisingly she is taking her time to adjust to this big change and still spends a bit of time hiding. Don't let this put you off though, as when she's warmed up to you and comes out of her shell, she is more than happy to let you love her for hours on end, purring her little heart out. She loves climbing on the bed in the morning, getting scritches while laying on your chest, and we think with a bit of patience she may turn into a lap cat.
    She needs to be in another quiet home with no children or any other animals as sudden noises or movements scare her. A house in a quiet location away from busy roads would be ideal as she'd like a potter in the garden.
    Neutered,  chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Elisa and Esther

    Two more naughty little munchkins looking for a new home together 💜
    Elisa (full tabby) is quite simply just a very lovely kitty. She will gently bat your legs when she wants attention & has firmly decided that her favourite place to relax is a warm lap with plenty of strokes. She is quite content being picked up & cuddled as you do things around the house as well.
    Esther (tabby with white) is a little purr monster who has so much love to give! She’s not a lap cat (quite yet) but she instantly purrs when she sees you & loves nose boops. Esther loves her toys & will do her best to hide them away so she can keep them all for herself (under beds & laundry!).
    Elisa & Esther are very confident, clever & affectionate sisters who would like to find a home together. They are bright little kitties who can often be found working together to problem solve (finding ways to open doors into rooms/cupboards they aren’t allowed into). They even chase flies in tandem & are likely to become skilled hunters! They keenly watch the outside world from windows and will need a garden away from busy roads to explore. They have responded well to the neighbourhood kids & enjoy having a good play session with them. They would suit a house with sensible older children (~10+) who they can play with but will also respect their boundaries when they aren’t feeling playful.
    Every person/vet who has ever met these girls has said how ridiculously lovely they are! They will make one luck family very happy 😊
    14 weeks, chipped and had first vaccinations. Both kittens were suffering from cat flu when they arrived and Esther had an ulcer on her eye. Flu symptoms can recur with stress and are uninsurable so we want to rehome in the Bristol area to adopters who can use Fernlea vets if symptoms do recur at adoption- BWCR will pay for this treatment.
  • Cece, Luna and Little Star

    Cece and the kids are looking for a home together if anyone is up for a trio of cuteness? 💜
    "Who will be lucky enough to adopt Cece (more white) and her charming children who are 6 months old?
    They really are an adorable little family, Cece has brought them up well and is a wonderful role model. Cece is only 2 years old herself and, being a thoroughly modern mum, she likes to join in with some rough and tumble play time. But more often than not she likes to have an afternoon nap while they play or she sits and watches them. They are so sweet and they are all really gentle. Little Star (male) and Luna (tortie, female) are a bit fluffy which makes them even more cuddly; they enjoy being brushed but often think it's all a big game though Luna is more ladylike than Little Star, Little Star just thinks you're his personal climbing frame 😹"
    Fine with older children and need a garden away from busy roads.
    All neutered, chipped,  vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Sky and Jay

    Left behind in a garden to fend for themselves when their owner moved :(
    When we took them to the vet they were chipped and the owner was rung, unsurprisingly he wasn't interested. Shame the vet was so polite to him really as we wouldn't have been nearly so nice 😡😡 Luckily their neighbour was a kind lady who stepped in to ensure they were fed and came to us for help.
    Sky and Jay are 2 1/2 year old sisters who tolerate each other but aren't close so can definitely be rehomed separately! Sky is the long hair and Jay has a sleek short coat, both are looking for a loving home with a lap to spare.   They are settling into their foster home and after a few days of hiding they are now coming out of their shells and looking for tickles, Jay will even roll over for a tummy tickle.  They would prefer a quieter home as we dont think they have had experience of little ones. They both enjoy a windowsill to watch the world go by and would like agarden away from busy roads.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • 4 Mini Panthers (2 reserved)

    We have 4 gorgeous mini panthers looking for new homes in pairs 💜
    Two boys, two girls and full of mischief and mayhem as all kittens should be! They're little sweeties who will happily collapse on your lap for love and snuggles once they've exhausted themselves running riot. They're living happily with older children and would enjoy some human playmates to throw balls, wiggle feathers and generally entertain them.
    They'll need a garden away from busy roads and are about 10 weeks old.
    Had their vet check and first vaccinations and come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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