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    Five & Socks

    These sweet, shy cats are 14 years old and were taken on by an elderly man who is now unfortunately in hospital. They lived mainly in his garden and were wary of other people – 4 other rescues sadly told the family to ‘just put them to sleep’ despite claims to be non-destruction in some cases 🙁

    So we welcomed Five and Socks instead – they both needed dentals and lots of TLC but are enjoying being in the warm with regular meals and soft beds and their fostermum can stroke them and cuddle them now 🙂
    They will be a bit of a project and need a nice quiet home with no other pets or children but they so deserve a chance after years of living rough. They’d still like a garden in a safe location but just to visit when they choose!
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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    Spike & Beau

    Spike is a handsome black panther who is coming up for 5 months old. He came into foster with his brothers Mac and Tabsey as a frightened feral at 10 weeks old but has settled into domestic life and is a very sweet little boy now. He will go to foster mum for a cuddle and a fuss but prefers cuddling up next to you to being on a lap. He loves to play, especially with the other foster kittens. He can be a little shy with strangers but once he knows you he is fine.

    Beau a little tabby boy born around the end of July 2018. Beau came into foster with his 2 brothers and is a sweet and friendly kitten who loves to play and loves to have cuddles on foster mum ’s lap. He likes other cats and plays nicely with Spike which is why we have teamed them up together.

    These two would like a home together with a safe garden to play in once they are old enough. Spike has been vaccinated, chipped and neutered and Beau has been vaccinated.

    Comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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    Angel & Daz

    Angel and Daz are an 8 year old brother and sister who love each other very much. They’ve been together with their much-loved owner since they were tiny and their lives have been turned upside down when their owner sadly died.
    These lovely cats are sweet and purry and easy to love. Angel apparently thinks she’s a rather Posh Puss so would love somebody to tell her how wonderful she is. All compliments and cuddles accepted as her due!
    Daz is a tripod puss but he lost his leg a long time ago and it’s no bother to him at all.
    This gorgeous duo would love a second chance of happiness. They’re used to a quiet home with no other pets. They would enjoy a nice safe garden to play in. They are both neutered and in good health.

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    Millie is a gorgeous 8 year old ginger girl who needs a new home after her owner passed away. She was a teeny bit shy in the first week but settled after a bit of fuss and cuddles. She is such a sweet, friendly puss who loves company and will greet you every time you come home, even when food’s not expected!

    She’s an expert at kneading dough and will show her affection by massaging you and purring away at any opportunity. She hasn’t been allowed outside yet as her foster is rather close to her old  home but she looks like she will be a contented homebody who will be excited to chill out and snuggle anytime with her new owners.

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    Mac & Tabsey

    Mac & Tabsey

    These two handsome brothers are coming up for 5 months old and are technically feral having been born in a shed along with their brother Spike. They came into foster as very frightened little boys at 10 weeks old and their foster mum began the job of convincing them that actually humans are quite nice really. They have come on brilliantly and are like any other domestic moggy now. They love their foster mum – when she comes in from work they have a routine where she sits on the kitchen floor and they come to line up for fuss, usually throwing themselves to the floor bellies presented and purring loudly. Mac’s full name is Hissy McSpitty but it had to be shortened because this once spitty little kitty is now a soppy little love bug who loves climbing into foster mum’s lap for cuddles and will go limp and snuggle into her when he is picked up. Tabsey is not quite at his brother’s level of soppiness but he loves to come to foster mum for a fuss too and will purr loudly when you stroke him. They will be shy with strangers at first but with a bit of time and patience they will be fine – when they were looked after by the cat sitter for a week they were fine with her within a few days. They will need a home with a safe garden to play in once they are a little bigger. Both are chipped, neutered and fully vaccinated so ready to go.

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    Hovis is a big softy. He isn’t a lap cat but absolutely loves company. He’ll never be far behind as you move from room to room and will always come greet you when you get home. He rarely meows but likes to have a ‘chat’ with you and feel involved in what’s going on.

    He’s also very affectionate and whilst he likes space he always makes sure to give you a few little kisses first before he settles on the floor near you.

    He’ll make you laugh sometimes with his odd sleeping positions, and gets very playful at night – hes happy to entertain himself but I imagine he would love to spend a lot of the night outside. A safe outdoor environment where he can dart about safely is ideal.

    He’s 3yrs old and his semi-long haired fur has hints of Maine coon characteristics suggesting a cross at some point. He barely malts any fur and is very low maintenance, he’s quite happy being given a groom although he hasn’t really needed it.

    I have not seen him around children or other cats but seems fairly laid back watching them out the window. He definitely has a problem with dogs though.

  • Randall & Adella

    5 month old brother and sister who are looking for their furever home together.
    Both can be a little shy when meeting new people but once they get to you know you they will be your best friends.

    Randall is a such a soppy boy who just wants fuss all the time and loves nothing more than sitting on a lap for cuddles. He does have some scarring on both his eyes due to deep ulcers when he was younger. He has near on full sight and to watch him play you would never know there was an issue, but as his eyesight isn’t as good in the dark he would need to be kept in overnight but definitely wants to go out.

    His sister Adella isn’t so much a lap cat  but is happy for a fuss and to sit next you for cuddles.

    Neutered and chipped and will be vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Bale

    Bale is a big boy with the tiniest squeakiest miaow! He’s nearly 4 and would love a home on a farm/smallholding/livery yard as he likes to be out and about having adventures and a fuss on his terms.
    He hates other cats and dogs though and packs a bit of a punch so definitely needs to be the only king of his particular castle!
    He loves a head rub and a smooch, can be bribed easily with treats and he originally kept disappearing across fields to the local scout troupe to join in the fun and cuddles.
    He’s a lovely boy but just more suited to the outdoor life.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Kameko & Jack


    Super friendly young mum, Kameko, is looking for a home with her kitten, Jack. He’s nearly 9 weeks old and a real mummy’s boy in between playing, cuddling and generally just being totally adorable!
    Kameko is only about 18 months and so chilled and affectionate and they’d be fine with children.
    Kameko will be spayed and chipped soon and they both come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Midori & Shiro

    Midori and her brother, Shiro, are looking for a quiet indoor home together with no children or other pets.
    They have a sad story as they belonged to a lady with dementia who forgot she had cats and they just lived under a bed 🙁
    Unsurprisingly they were very scared when they arrived, Shiro was completely shut down and Midori was very reactive – grumbling and growling constantly but never once even trying to scratch anyone.
    After a few weeks they’ve turned a corner and both love a fuss and will be stroked for hours.
    Midori is the braver and now runs to greet us and wind round our legs.
    Shiro still needs some encouragement but just a few seconds of stroking and he’s turning himself inside out for a fuss and loves having his belly rubbed.
    They will need time in a new home but not be allowed to hide away again – a safe place where they can still be stroked is perfect and they will be your friends within days – they can be bribed readily with Dreamies 🙂
    They’re both really sweet, gentle cats who will blossom with some attention.
    They’re 8 years old and Shiro has a heart murmur which causes him no issues, he will need a tooth removing at some point but we don’t want to stress him now so will fund that at one of our vets a few months down the line.
    Both neutered, chipped , had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Hermione


    Gorgeous Hermione is the blackest cat you’ll ever see with the biggest eyes that will melt your heart. She is a very playful puss and loves chasing after the balls her foster mum and dad roll down the hallway. When Madam isn’t pouncing on her toys, she loves nothing more than being hand-fed strips of chicken and other treats.
    She isn’t really a lap cat, but she does accept strokes and enjoys following her humans around the house. On the note of strokes, her foster parents reckon she is one part cat and one part cloud, as she has the softest fur they’ve ever laid hands on. She needs a home with access to the outdoors and enough space to explore and run around.
    Hermione has not gotten on well with other cats in the past, so needs to be an only pet. Teenagers and older children will be fine, but Hermione won’t get on very well with toddlers and babies. 4 yrs old, chipped and neutered and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Leo

    This handsome ginger boy, Leo, just wants cuddles and fuss and lots of attention – he’s a total lovebug! He can get carried away and give you a little lovebite so best with older children but he’s adorable.
    He’s 3 yrs and loves to play and is chatty and full of beans.
    He came from a multicat household originally and was rehomed but then got hit by a car. Luckily he only had a fractured pelvis which has healed beautifully leaving him with a barely noticeable limp.
    He was then rehomed from the vet as an indoor cat but he’s desperate to be out and about a supersafe location this time as he seems to have little roadsense! He’d also like to be the only cat please.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Buster & Tilly


    Buster And Tilly are brother and sister.  They are both very affectionate and love a good belly rub.  Tilly loves to snuggle up and is happiest when she has a human to spend the evening with on the sofa.  Buster loves to be close buy and makes it hard to get up for work when he comes in for his morning cuddle.  As soon as the brush comes out they are both all over you and will purr away for as long as you want to brush them.  They have always been outdoor cats so need a safe outdoor space to explore.  They have lived together all their lives so they would love to find a forever home to share.  We think they would prefer a home without dogs or young childeren as they can be slightly nervous at times but they would be okay with older childeren.  They are both in perfect health and the vet said their teeth are in such good condition she would have aged them much younger!

  • Maggie & Coco

    Maggie and Coco are a delightful mixture of Devon Rex and Siamese and follow you around like a dog!
    They love their people and like lots of attention and fuss and, at 15 yrs old, they’d suit someone at home a fair bit as they’re wonderful company – they’re fine with children too.
    Their owners have moved from rural Devon to busy Bristol near a main road and are very concerned for their safety now as they have little road sense. They’d love another garden away from busy roads and a cosy lap when their adventuring is done for the day.
    They get on well but could be homed separately.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Socks & Alfie

    Socks is a real sweetie, and ever so friendly! Within minutes of moving into her foster home she was purring and made herself at home right away! Socks has always lived with her “brother” Alfie (they aren’t actually related but have always lived together) and they get along very well although Socks is very much the boss! We wouldn’t want to split them up since they get along so well and are great companions!

    Socks has a lot of energy and needs some outside space so that she can run around. She will also be happy to follow you around the house and loves to have lots of attention and cuddles. She’s the first to greet you when you come in from work.
    Alfie is a much more shy and timid – he’s a very gentle soul. He loves living with Socks but is definitely an introvert who likes to either hide or sit in a quiet corner. Once he has your trust he will sit on your lap and enjoys quiet cuddles. Alfie is very timid by nature and so wouldn’t suit living with a loud family (i.e. I doubt he would be comfortable living with small kids). However he has a lot of love to give and is a lovely side-kick to the more energetic Socks who is definitley the boss!
    As mentioned, these two are great friends and have always lived together so we don’t want to break them up. They are a perfect mix of yin and yang and will bring a lot of love to your home.
    Both cats are neutered and will soon be vaccinated and chipped too. Dont think they would suit living with young kids but teenagers would be ok.
  • Dusty

    We found Dusty hiding under a hedge, scared and hungry. He has an old puncture wound to his eye which is fully healed and causes him no pain but means he has no sight in that eye. He has been here with his foster family for 2 months and in that time has been learning how to be picked up and handled, He was very flinchy and wouldn’t let anyone touch his head at first but he is improving all the time. (He loves having his belly rubbed and purrs like a train!) He is now a picture of health, he is a big boy and has a beautiful shiney coat like velvet.

    He is such a loving and vocal boy, we think he is only 1-2 years old. He is an incredible hunter and has already brought me a few unwanted presents! He loves to play!

    Dusty needs a home with patient owners, preferably adult- only as although he would never mean to hurt anyone he can be quite boisterous and has a serious set of claws! Ideally his new owners would have experience in cat ownership. I think he would benefit from being the only cat around as he is already quite dominant and territorial with other cats.

    Dusty is such a character and would make someone a fantastic pet, He really deserves a good home after a rough start in life.

    Dusty is neutered, chipped and vaccinated and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Indi & Asha

    Indi and Asha are beautiful 9yr old sisters who have had some bad luck – their much-loved owners both sadly died within 18 months of each other and they had two weeks to find a rescue space or be put to sleep – how could we possibly say no.
    Indi is a little more outgoing but they both love a fuss and being with their humans – they don’t ask for much : cuddles, a bit of grooming to keep those lovely coats sleek and shiny, a safe outdoor space and a stick or a shoelace to chase – they don’t have expensive tastes.
    Older children would be fine and they’d like to stay together as the only pets in the house.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Eva

    Small (2kg) spayed and chipped 10 year old female. Suffers from chronic but not serious health issues which are being managed by a visit once every 6 months to a Bristol vet and this cost would continue to be covered. Happy to sleep most of the time but very purry at food time. Does sometimes enjoy laps but mostly happy to be left alone and could live with other cats. Would need to be either an indoor cat or with accompanied outside access so that she does not wander off.

  • Chester & Willow

    Very friendly and playful 1 year old brother & sister who lived outside for the first 6 months of their lives but have adjusted well to life indoors. Both have lovely natures and are people orientated but are not used to being handled so will take time to settle in a new home. Would not suit very young children as they are still quite shy but are making good progress and enjoy being smoothed.

  • Susie


    Susie is a super fluffy white and black puss of 4 years old. She can be quite the diva and likes to get her own way, for example growling and hissing at the cat flap until the human comes over to open the door for her at which point she does her cute little “meep” noise of thanks and trots happily into the garden. She can also be very loving and comes running to the door to greet foster mum when she comes home from work. You will also find a Susie shaped shadow following you around on return from a holiday – once you are her family her adoration is total. Susie still isn’t keen on strangers but is improving and will go to sniff new comers (and allow a quick scratch of the head if she likes you.) She sometimes forgets her manners and can sometimes go to nip if you go in for a fuss when she isn’t in the mood but a firm “No” and she turns on the big eyes and starts to wash your hand like that’s what she meant to do all along. This isn’t very often now though as she has settled into a routine in foster and feels secure. She would be best in a quiet home with someone who has some experience with cats and who can give her time and space settle down into a new environment. A home with a garden would be nice but she isn’t too bothered about going very far. She definitely needs a home with no little people or other cats.

    Susie is neutered and vaccinated and chipped.

    Comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Cracker


    Meet our miniature panther Cracker.

    This gorgeous boy doesn’t ‘sell’ himself very well as he’s a bit shy but, once he’s decided you’re actually not too bad, he’ll take over your sofa and your lap – he loves his home comforts. Throw in some treats and he’s yours forever – he has no shame 😂😂
    Cracker is about 4 years old and needs a quieter adult-only home with no other pets to share that sofa with.
    He’d like a garden away from busy roads please and someone happy to give him time to settle.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Dibs & Gembay

    Dibs and Gembay are looking for a new home.

    These two lovelies pussycats are nearly 13 years old but are both still very lively and agile so need lots of space and access to the outdoors so they can continue to explore . They are brother and sister and have lived together their whole lives so should preferably be homed together. Their owner was heartbroken to have them put up for adoption but unfortunately had to move to rented accommodation where no pets were allowed so they are now in foster care with us in Bristol. Although nervous at first they settled in after a few days and are very friendly and relaxed. They are very sociable cats and enjoy sleeping on our beds and being fussed.

    They are used to living with young children, and fitted in to family life very well. Both of them are also litter trained and used to using a cat flap.

    They have a full medical history and are up to date on their vaccinations, chipped and neutered.

  • Crystal & Davina

    Crystal is 12 years old and is the granny of 10 year old tabby Davina (Dave to her friends!)
    They’re both lovely cats who love headbumps, strokes and cuddles – Dave does get very excited when she has a fuss and forgets to keep her claws in sometimes.
    They’ve been very much loved but, sadly, their mum has cancer and is too unwell to care for them now.
    They’d like to stay together and older children would be fine though probably best no other pets and they’d really enjoy a garden away from busy roads.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Jack & Joe

    Neutered and chipped father & son who have lived outside for most of their lives but have adjusted well to life indoors. Dad Jack (yellow eyes) is 6 years old and is quite confident and enjoys being stroked while son Joe (blue eyes) is 2 years old and is much shyer but both have lovely natures. Would not suit young children as Joe is so shy but is making good progress and is happy to be around people and is very close to his Dad. Both love their food so are easily won over at feeding time. They were part of a small group of cats and so are very good with other cats.

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