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    Tuxedo Toby is a gorgeous, friendly ‘people’ cat – he loves his hoomans especially when they rub his tubby and snuggle him on the sofa. Dinner time is popular too!

    Although he’s 8 yrs old he still likes playing with toys and chasing feathers and will need a garden away from busy roads.
    He’s very tolerant of young children but he’s always been an only cat so it’s best he stays that way.
    He’s recently had a dental plus a blood test because he had a heart murmur – the blood test showed his murmur is benign and highly unlikely to cause any future issues.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Maisie

    Poor Maisie is 15 and had lived all her life as a much-loved only pet, until her mum sadly died and she’s been living in people’s gardens ever since. Thankfully she’s now back in the warm and dry with us.
    This little girl loves a fuss and is hard to photograph as she keeps headbutting the phone so we had to snap her mid-ablutions!

    She’d love another quiet home with someone to give her lots of love and fuss with a garden away from busy roads.

    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Lilly & Jazzy


    Lilly is a long-haired grey, white with a tinge of red in her fur cat. She loves sitting outside on the trampoline during the day but late afternoon she comes back inside and likes to sit close to you – either on lap or top of the sofa or sometimes just likes chilling out on the floor. She loves company, and purrs and meows a lot when you talk to her. She will only eat biscuits (never wet food in pouches/tins etc). She particularly likes ‘Iams’ senior biscuits or Purina .. she also goes crazy meowing if you open a tin of tuna around her as she LOVES tuna, so I give this to her sometimes as a treat. She is also very partial to a spot of ham!. Although Lilly is affectionate and loves a stroke, sometimes if you touch her around the back she does occasionally turn around and playfully bite you or pat you with her paw (only gently, she’s never been close to drawing blood but just thought I would mention it). Also, she’s not massively keen on being picked up…

    Jazzy is a long-haired black cat with a tinge of ginger in her fur. She is a complete softy and loves being picked up, snuggled and stroked/brushed. During the day/night she tends to stay indoors and loves sitting on window ledges, beds and on the floor. She generally only eats wet food (tins and pouches) she generally seems to prefer stuff in jelly (not so keen on stuff in gravy) she will come and find you to meow at if she’s hungry. She is a very friendly cat (they both are).

    They are both lovely cats and it would be great if they could be kept together as they have never been apart. I really hope they find a loving home and find someone who can take care of them as they deserve.
    Jazzy and Lilly are 8 yr old sisters who were brought into foster a while ago and their foster mum couldn’t bear to part with them but unfortunately hubby is hugely allergic 🙁

    They’ve lived with children but we don’t know what they’re like with other cats and they come as a pair as they love each other.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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  • Poirot

    The handsome Poirot was handed into the vets as a stray numerous times because of his poor condition – he is allergic to fleas and his owners, despite being advised each time he went home, did nothing about it.

    The vets eventually managed to get them to sign him over and now he’s had flea treatment surprise, surprise he’s stopped scratching himself silly, his sores are nearly healed and his fur has grown back 🙂
    He’s a sweet boy, very loving after initial shyness and quite calm – some might call it lazy!
    He was found, by chance, to be in very mild early renal failure which was lucky as he was put on renal food immediately and his last blood result was improved. He’s about 8 years old and must be on his renal diet for life – cats can go on for years and there’s no reason he shouldn’t too.
    He will need 6/9 monthly blood tests which BWCR is happy to fund at Fernlea vets in Bristol.
    So..from a life of neglect he’s now looking for a life of love. He’d like a quieter home with no young children or other pets (he hates dogs with a vengeance!) and someone with a strong lap as he’s a hefty cuddle bunny who can cut off your circulation 🤣. Oh and a garden away from busy roads as he likes a mooch.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance (renal check ups covered by BWCR).

    Are you ready to adopt a cat from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue? Make sure you read our Adopt page and complete our Adoption Application form.
    Apply Already passed the home check? Contact us if you’d like to adopt.

  • Lileth Paltrow

    This is Lileth.

    She arrived scared, but brave. To start with she wouldn’t even have a fuss or come out to say hello, she’d just hiss and tell me off. But she enjoy playing which helped gain her confidence and coax out of her hiding place. Taking her to the vets for her op (neutering) set her back a bit, which is understandable but she’s doing really well now…

    Lileth is a talker and nags me for food, cries for me to play with her and even to give her a fuss.  She will by me in the evening and push into my legs..She likes to sit in a tiny card board box.

    I think she has a lot of character and has a lot more to show that I have yet to see. She still tells me off, I do listen and we get on fine, it is quite sweet she communicates. She is is very brave.

    She doesn’t seem to like other cats she gets quite annoyed with my neighbour’s who I think is sweet on her, can’t tell if she’s angry and would get over it or really doesn’t like other cats. At the moment she seems to be a one person cat, it’s so hard to tell. She is very young and once she figures out she can do something she’ll do it..I think she’s still learning with people, what she can do and then likes doing.. She is funny.


  • Buster

    Buster was born in July 2008 making him 10. His is a black and white short haired cat and is very cute.

    Buster is Mr Gentle Giant and a big scaredy cat – he does love to have a fuss though and he is ok with other friendly cats.

    He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated so ready for their new home. He would like a nice safe  garden and a comfy place to snooze as that’s what he does most of the day.

  • Maggie & Coco

    Maggie and Coco are a delightful mixture of Devon Rex and Siamese and follow you around like a dog!
    They love their people and like lots of attention and fuss and, at 15 yrs old, they’d suit someone at home a fair bit as they’re wonderful company – they’re fine with children too.
    Their owners have moved from rural Devon to busy Bristol near a main road and are very concerned for their safety now as they have little road sense. They’d love another garden away from busy roads and a cosy lap when their adventuring is done for the day.
    They get on well but could be homed separately.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Dusty

    We found Dusty hiding under a hedge, scared and hungry. He has an old puncture wound to his eye which is fully healed and causes him no pain but means he has no sight in that eye. He has been here with his foster family for 5 months and in that time has been learning how to be picked up and handled, He was very flinchy and wouldn’t let anyone touch his head at first but he is improving all the time. (He loves having his belly rubbed and purrs like a train!) He is now a picture of health. He is a big boy and has a beautiful shiny coat like velvet.
    He is so loving and very vocal, we think he is only 1-2 years old. He is an incredible hunter and has already brought me a few presents! He loves to play! And he loves cuddles! He is very funny and a bit clumsy, he regularly falls off  things and bumps into furniture when playing, he doesn’t mind a bit, just picks himself up and carries on!
    Dusty needs a home with patient owners, preferably adult- only as, although he would never mean to hurt anyone he can be quite boisterous and has a serious set of claws! Ideally his new owners would have experience in cat ownership. He really benefits from a daily routine. He can be quite dominant and territorial with other cats.
    He suffers from mild asthma, this doesn’t affect him day to day, he doesn’t need any treatment or medication but he is very affected by cigarette smoke so his home would need to be a smoke-free one. He has been fully checked out including blood tests, x-rays and scans and he has a full clean bill of health apart from the mild asthma.
    Dusty is such a character, he is a complete one-off! He would make someone a fantastic pet, He really deserves a good home after a rough start in life.

    Dusty is neutered, chipped and vaccinated and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Eva

    Small (2kg) spayed and chipped 10 year old female. Suffers from chronic but not serious health issues which are being managed by a visit once every 6 months to a Bristol vet and this cost would continue to be covered. Happy to sleep most of the time but very purry at food time. Does sometimes enjoy laps but mostly happy to be left alone and could live with other cats. Would need to be either an indoor cat or with accompanied outside access so that she does not wander off.

  • Chester & Willow

    Very friendly and playful 1 year old brother & sister who lived outside for the first 6 months of their lives but have adjusted well to life indoors. Both have lovely natures and are people orientated but are not used to being handled so will take time to settle in a new home. Would not suit very young children as they are still quite shy but are making good progress and enjoy being smoothed.

  • Jack & Joe

    Neutered and chipped father & son who have lived outside for most of their lives but have adjusted well to life indoors. Dad Jack (yellow eyes) is 6 years old and is quite confident and enjoys being stroked while son Joe (blue eyes) is 2 years old and is much shyer but both have lovely natures. Would not suit young children as Joe is so shy but is making good progress and is happy to be around people and is very close to his Dad. Both love their food so are easily won over at feeding time. They were part of a small group of cats and so are very good with other cats.

  • Reuben

    Very friendly but very shy 5 year old neutered and chipped male. He loves a good fuss but is easily startled so will need a quieter home and to be able settle at his own pace. He is very good with other cats and would benefit from living with a more confident cat.

  • Fudge

    Very friendly spayed and chipped 16 year old female. Fudge is fit and healthy and likes her food and sleep but can be grumpy and strong willed. She would most likely be OK with other quiet animals.

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