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Every day, for one reason or another, helpless animals are abandoned, or handed in to rescues. We provide these animals with a clean, safe environment , a warm bed, regular meals, veterinary and loving care, and everything they could possibly need.

However, there are always a few cats that never get the home they’ve always wanted.

Some cats are either too ill, too old, or have temperament problems which mean that they cannot find a suitable home and so must remain with their fosterer as one of their own pets.

With your support, we can give these cats the food and veterinary treatment they need and lots of love for the rest of their lives.

When you sign up as a sponsor you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, a birthday card and a Christmas greeting, plus that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you are doing something to support an animal in need!

Sometimes, even after paying for food, wormers, flea treatments and veterinary bills, there may be some money left over for a particular sponsor cat – we hope you don’t mind if we use any surplus money to treat another of our needy sponsor cats.


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