Stray and Abandoned Cats

At the moment we’re getting calls and emails on a daily basis asking us to help with rehoming cats – we take as many as we can but, like all rescues, we’re snowed under.

All our foster homes are full and we have a long waiting list of cats to come in, with the average wait being about 3 months. We don’t cherry pick our cats – we will take them all but urgent cases do jump the queue – pregnant cats, nursing mums with kittens and litters of kittens come first.

If you have a stray cat – please get it to a vet and check it for a microchip – they won’t charge and you don’t need an appointment.

With any luck your stray has someone looking for it. If you’re happy to feed a stray for a while we will take it as soon as we can – they are high on our list of priorities.

It’s worth getting yourself on the waiting list of several local rescues as one may have a space before we do.

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