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    Bambi is a super fluffy 5-year-old Ragdoll cross with loads of energy and love to give. She follows her fosterers all around the house to get a fuss or a play. She is sometimes tempted onto a lap if there's a fluffy blanket, otherwise she will sit on the floor next to you, keeping you company.
    She has been going a bit stir-crazy in foster so would really enjoy a good amount of safe outside space to zoom around in, away from busy roads. She is used to being the only pet in the house, we haven't seen how she would get on with other pets.
    She has been very calm with new visitors and noises and we expect she would settle into a new home quickly. She can get carried away when playing and sometimes gives a little nip, or goes for an ankle. For this reason she shouldn't be homed with young children, but we think she would get on with older children who understand a cat's boundaries and help keep her entertained with her toys.
    Bambi came into foster with a little dry cough, but this has responded well to a short course of steroids. Fernlea vets suspect she has some mild asthma, which could be treated with steroids again in future if needed. Otherwise she has passed her health check with flying colours!
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.  BWCR would cover the cost of steroids at Fernlea vets, if necessary.
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    Pip is a luxurious little lady with the softest, floofiest fur. She adores strokes, especially belly strokes, and is very very affectionate with an amazingly loud purr. She is looking to give any new owner full belly rub privileges.
    Pip is extremely well behaved and never jumps up onto tables or counters, but is also very easily startled and will often hide from guests or loud noises and comes out when things quiet down. She would suit a quiet household and is a fantastic cat to lounge on the sofa with and loves to be a lap cat. We think she would not adapt well to young children and we know she definitely doesn't like other cats!
    She has previously spent a lot of her life outside (she was unwanted by her owners) and needs an outdoor space to explore away from busy roads, but we don't think she will go far. She's not shown any interest in being athletic at all and we don't think she's likely to be much of a hunter!
    8 yrs, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Treats came in to our house as he was abandoned by his owners who we think moved house and left him behind. He is about 4 years old and has been neutered, chipped,  flead and wormed. He is very affectionate with people and loves to lay on the sofa and snuggle up with you. He loves his food and loves being outdoors. He is very playful and fluffy toys are his favourite. He would suit a quiet home wih a garden away from busy roads as he likes to explore. No small children or other cats, but gets on well with teenagers. He isn't shy and likes all people.
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    "Flash is a beautiful 2-year old tabby cat with a huge personality to liven up your home.
    Initially very shy, and only comfortable with people he’s used to, Flash needs a quiet home to come out of his shell. Once he settles in however, Flash is true to his name and has an unbelievable amount of energy, personality and cheekiness. With zoomies galore, he loves nothing more than to play with you: whether chasing a laser pen, a fishing rod toy or springs across the floor he will parkour his way around your house in no time. It's definitely your company he enjoys as he will often follow you around with curiosity, rubbing himself on you to get your attention for more play time and sleep against your legs.
    If he’s left alone all day he gets very excited when you come home. He loves a fuss on his own terms, especially a chin rub, although he rarely sits still long enough! He easily gets overstimulated and with a tendency for love biting and playfighting access to a garden away from busy roads will definitely help release some of this energy.
     Because his playfighting often materialises in attacking your hands, he would be best going to a household without young children or other pets."
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    The lovely Luna needs a new home by the end of April - can you help? 💜
    "Meet Luna, a calm and loving 3yr old Persian chinchilla cat. Luna is great with children and very well-behaved indoors—she doesn’t do any damage in the house and is trained to use her litter tray. She loves relaxing and sleeping inside, and she also enjoys going outside on warm days.
    Luna's favorite food is Whiskas Meaty Selection. She's easy to take care of and doesn't need much attention, but she does need regular brushing to keep her fur nice and matt-free.
    Luna is looking for a loving family to adopt her. She'll bring happiness and peace to any home that welcomes her. With her sweet personality, Luna will surely become a beloved part of the family."
    Neutered and chipped plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.  Luna is still with her owner as we have no space.
  • Shadow

    Our sweet boy, Shadow,  knew exactly where to go when he'd had enough of starving on the streets - he ended up in our volunteer's garden! As always he was not neutered or chipped and his torn ears tell a tale of scrapping to survive :( He's only a youngster, the vet guesstimates about 2 yrs and has obviously been a pet previously.
    He's very affectionate and becoming a bit more inquisitive now. He's very vocal when he wants food, attention or the litter tray - he's a clean boy. He's putting on some much needed weight and knows he's safe now, sleeping oh so contentedly in the warm - he's definitely not an early riser!
    He's very gentle and hung about with our volunteer's cats without any issues - it seems he doesn't instigate the fights and, after being in the wars, it would be lovely for him to have a home of his own again.
    He'd prefer a quieter home, he's not met children with us...and a garden away from busy roads. He's just so grateful not to have to fend for himself any more - abandoned pets like Shadow have a hard time surviving outdoors  :(
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Milo

    💎💎 Milo the rough diamond! 💎💎
    Milo is a big boy who will be 2 in July so he’s still a youngster and is boisterous and playful. He  loves a fuss and is happy to snuggle up on your lap when he has finished rushing around and playing with all his toys.
    He did live with a dog and could probably do with learning how to "cat" a bit more as well as refining his manners – he can bite, although with a warning from foster mum it’s getting less frequent. For this reason he wouldn’t be suitable for a home with young children. We don’t know what he’s like with other cats but a home with someone with cat experience to do a bit of training with him will make him into the perfect genteman.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Iris and Flash

    Resting grumpy face incoming 🤣  Iris is actually a very sweet, happy girl..honest!!
    Iris and Flash are mother and daughter and are really close so they need to stay together. Iris is understood to be 8 years old. She is the first to come say hello and is definitely the more confident of the pair. She loves a fuss and her toys and although normally a loving mum who is always giving her baby reassuring washes, she will push Flash out of the way when it’s time for treats! Flash is thought to be about 4 and is shyer than her mum but she will now jump up onto the sofa to sit next to her foster mum and have a fuss. She’s probably more about the cuddles than she is about toys and will nuzzle you for attention and she is only just starting to understand about treats – when she can get a look in!
    Both girls are very shy with strangers, they don’t like being picked up and they will need a quiet envionment with time to settle in so a calm home with patient owners would get the best out of them. A nice garden once they are ready to explore would be ideal, they are said not to be roamers but would like the chance to feel the sun on their backs. They will benefit from dental biscuits to help their teeth and really like the James Wellbeloved ones.
    They are vaccinated, flea treated, wormed and chipped and although we can’t know for sure if they have been neutered, they haven’t come into season whilst in foster. Come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Smurf

    Smurf the stray snugglepuss is now ready for adoption 💜
    He's an adorable boy about 3 years old; another stray tomcat needing a dental and terribly matted but so much comfier and happier now. He loves fusses and will lie partially on my lap and cuddle in. He loves company, lik-e-lix and a good old brush of his now beautiful coat. He makes the cutest little chirrups when you fuss and talk to him. He’s a quiet boy to begin with and timid of strangers but he loves to play with his toys and it doesn't take him long to warm up to people. He's never met children but should be ok with older, calm ones and we don't know how he is with other cats unfortunately. He'd love a garden away from busy roads.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated, had a dental, FIV/FeLV negative plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Pixie

    Pixie naughty paws 💜
    Pixie is such a sweet kitten, only about 8 months old, but is quite timid to begin with. At first, she was very hand-shy and wasn’t quite sure how to interact with humans properly, really wanting to be stroked and purring when you talk to her but running away from you if you walked towards her or held out your hand.
    She now loves to cuddle up to you and watch TV with you, and snoozes on her fosterers’ legs/chest/arms at night. Pixie definitely loves to play as you would expect, which is a great way to bring her out of her shell and she will run off with her favourite toys to store them somewhere for safe-keeping, but hasn’t quite got how to bring them back yet. She has taken to hopping up during Teams calls and trying to catch the mouse on the screen, but can’t work out why she can’t catch it or see it when she looks behind the monitor (she’s a smart cat!). She is obsessed with Dreamies and has managed to retrieve, tear open and eat a whole packet in the night 😲
    Pixie arrived with Luna and wants to snuggle up, unfortunately the feeling isn't reciprocated but Pixie could potentially be homed with another puss or as a single.
    She'd like a garden away from busy roads and will need a little time to settle in.
    Neutered, chipped,vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Luna

    Need help with your studies? Or maybe a distraction? Luna floofy drawers can help! 💜
    Luna is a beautiful cat with a wonderful temperament. She came to us having been rescued from the the streets and was absolutely terrified, hiding under a wardrobe for the first few days but she's taken very well to living in (comparative) luxury.
    When Luna was found she was pregnant, her kittens are about 7 months old and all have homes, but she is still only a youngster herself. She initially found toys scary and worrying, however, she is now really enjoying getting to be a bit of a kitten finally and loves to play. She follows her fosterers everywhere around the house, and if she’s not sure where she is she calls out (and she does expect an immediate response from her servants!) so that she can come for a cuddle. She loves snuggling and anything that is warm, as soon as the heating comes on she hops up onto a radiator and falls asleep there.
     Luna is an excellent guard cat and feels very protective of her foster home, growling at anyone outside who comes too close to the window, though is very friendly to anyone allowed inside! She loves her head and neck to be stroked and scratched, but definitely very much on her own terms - if she wants you to stop she will give you a very gentle nibble, normally so she can start cleaning herself. For this reason she should only be homed with older and cat-savvy children. She doesn't really like the puss she arrived with so would like to be an only pet and a garden away from busy roads would seal the deal.
    About 14 months old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Nancy

    Nancy Fancy Pants, as she's become known, definitely has some Oriental in her; she's stunning-looking, very intelligent, and is finally beginning to find out what it is to be a proper kitten herself! Once she's feeling comfortable with her people, she loves to play, and clambers all over her foster mum for attention - often on work calls, much to the amusement of the others on the call. Be warned though: she may trample across your computer keyboard too, and her spelling is atrocious...
    She can still be inclined to give a nip or a gentle bat of her paw occasionally if she suddenly feels overwhelmed, but it's not with any malice, so it's likely with time she'll grow out of it altogether. For this reason, we feel she'd be better in a family with no younger children. She doesn't seem fazed by her foster mum's own cats; she's respectful but unafraid, so she may be OK with another cat, but no dogs!
    Nancy would enjoy a quieter home, with some safe outside space away from any busy roads where she can bounce off some of her kittenish energy once she's settled. Her new people will need to be willing to work patiently with her to help her build her confidence, but they'll be rewarded with a real little gem of a house panther.
    Fostered in Chippenham; neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks' free insurance.
  • Molly

    🎶 Good golly Miss Molly 🎶
    Molly is a playful 2 year old who is looking for new staff of the human kind (she gets a bit jealous of furry companions). She would like a chef, entertainer, lap provider and protector….
     As a pure white cat, Molly is beautiful, but with her snowy appearance comes some responsibility - she will definitely need sun cream on her ears and cute little pink nose to prevent her getting skin cancer.
    She loves company and to play chase and capture her ‘prey’. When tired, Molly likes to snooze near you and will sometimes treat you to a lap cuddle if you’re still. Molly is still very kitten like and would be better in a home with older children or just adults as she can change very quickly from wanting to play to letting you know she’s had enough!
    She's not crazy about being picked up but will jump up and nuzzle you and give you nose boops. Unexpected noises still send her squeezing under the sofa but she is growing more confident all the time and can usually be bribed out quite quickly with treats!
    She has lovely, odd coloured eyes and may well be deaf on the blue-eyed side but it's very hard to tell!
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
    She has one cracked tooth which the vets want to leave alone at the moment but, if it causes any issues, BWCR will fund the extraction at Fernlea vets.
  • Andy and Saint

    Saint (tortie and white) and Andy, aptly named by the vet as they were caught on an industrial site on St Andrews Road. They were older kittens when they were caught and took a while to trust us. They are now both very affectionate, with Saint being the bravest and coming for cuddles first. We're not sure Andy will ever be a lapcat but he likes to sit next to you and enjoys lots of attention!
    They are gentle cats that like the company of other cats, they love to play together and will spend as much time as you can spare chasing a feather on a stick.
    They need to stay together as this lovely brother and sister are really bonded, they have been in foster most of their lives so will have no road sense and need a garden away from busy roads.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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