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    Mystic, Charm, Trick and Spook

    Four of our our gorgeous little voids are still waiting to hear from you 🖤🖤🖤🖤
    "Tiny balls of energy with loud purrs and a fondness for kitten milk are now ready for adoption after having some extra TLC in foster care to get them more used to humans. One kitten is still slightly shy but should come out of his shell with more time with one of his more confident siblings. They are nearly identical to look at (thankfully apart from a few distinguishing white hairs) but have quite different personalities already even though they are only four months old. Mystic in particular will definitely tell you what he wants and are all happy for a cuddle.
    The way to their hearts is through food (wet food, biscuits, Dreamies, milky bites and cat milk have all been deemed acceptable so far) and some play time."
    They'll need gardens away from busy roads and could do well with a friendly puss to show them the way.
    16 weeks old, vet checked, vaccinated and chipped plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Honey and Bee

    Another delightful duo for your delectation 🖤🤍
    Honey and Bee are siblings a little over a year old. They will make fantastic companions for just about anyone as they have lived with children and other cats before. They have lots of teenage cat energy and love to play, including friendly sibling wrestling matches!
    Honey is a black and white female who loves to cuddle. She can be shy when guests are around but likes to make up for it with lots of quiet lap time. Bee is an almost all-white male and is a very chilled out guy - he enjoys any extra company and will let you know with a gentle paw tap if he’s not getting enough attention.
    They have not yet been outside so would need a garden away from busy roads to start exploring the world - they have plenty of energy to burn. They are joined at the whiskers so need to stay together and Bee will need suntan cream on his pristine white ears...if the sun ever makes an appearance in his lifetime that is!
    Both are neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • New

    Milo and Tilly

    Two glorious tabbies
    Sadly their original rescue refused to take them back after rehoming them the previous year so they've come to us. It's always wise to check with a rescue if they provide RBU - Rescue Back Up - in case your circumstances change.
    'Milo and Tilly are a 4-year-old sister & brother pair. Milo is the girl and Tilly the boy (due to a mix up with their chips!). They are adorable and full of character, and came from a good home before being given up due to personal circumstances. Milo is a sweet little girl who is also a daredevil who likes to explore; Tilly is very affectionate and also likes to play. He will muscle in on whatever Milo is doing but they love each other and will snuggle up to sleep in a sunny spot together. They have some unique adorable habits like shaking their tails when they are happy and climbing excitedly to the tops of the cat trees.
    Both are on special diets, which they eat enthusiastically. Milo’s is for a sensitive stomach, Tilly’s is for urinary stones, but they are very healthy and have no problems at all so long as they stick to the diets.
    Tilly especially loves company and would love a home where someone is around a lot. They have lived with a school age child before and are very gentle and trusting so they’d make great family pets. They have had some outdoor access in the past and have shown interest in going out again, but care would be needed to ensure they keep to their diets.’
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance. Tilly is on urinary food and Milo is on gastro food - BWCR can help towards the costs if necessary.
  • Angel

    Angel by name, Angel by nature
    This little puss, 13 yrs old, is just the sweetest, gentlest, snuggliest little girl. All she wants is love and cuddles! She'd be wonderful company for an older person or for anyone in fact. She's fine with other cats too, she just ignores them. She's never lived with children but older ones would be ok and she'd like a garden for a little potter but she doesn't go far - she might miss a cuddle :)
    Had a dental, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Benji

    Benji is 11 months old and an independent cat who can get up to mischief at times! Just a lively teenager, he's not a lap cat ..yet - there's just far too much interesting stuff to be explored, investigated and played with. He loves being stroked though along with his food and treats. Currently he's an indoor cat but really needs access to the great outdoors as he's so boisterous and needs more space to expend some of that energy.
    He definitely needs a garden away from busy roads as he won't have any road sense.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free in.
  • Molly

    Today we have this cute baby girl - the tiny mum of Mando and Pedro 🤎🤍
    Molly is only around 1 year old and already a mum. She is super friendly and loves attention, she is very vocal and likes to chirp while getting love and cuddles.
    She is very food orientated and loves to sit in the window and watch the outdoors. She's quite confident and doesn’t seem fazed by anything, even takes going to the vets in her stride!
    We're not sure how she is with other cats but children should be fine and she'd love a garden away from busy roads.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Manny

    Meet Manny, a handsome ginger floofball. Vets guess he's about 15 months old. Unfortunately, this little boy has endured several moves in his short life but is now ready to find his forever home. He’s fairly independent but seeks human company and is a chatty boy. He enjoys an ear and belly rub when he feels settled, purring like an engine. He loves to zoom around the house twice a day and play with a feather on a string. 
    He’s currently very unhappy in an area where there is a large cat population and is fearful of them. He’s desperate to go out to explore so would need either a more rural area or a garden, away from busy roads,  without lots of cats around. 
    He’d definitely benefit from a family with experience of nervous cats to help him gain confidence and feel safe. Manny has bags of potential to blossom into a confident, happy, affectionate boy.  He’s neutered, microchipped vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatments plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance. He also likes having his beautiful coat regularly groomed. An all round sweetheart in the making!
  • Leo

    Full of beans. 🫘
    Leo is a cheeky young chappie who really wants to play. He can be very snuggly and loves to sit on laps once he's finally tired himself out. He adores wet food and is always trying to trick his owners into giving him second breakfasts and dinners - don't be fooled!
     He is lovely... right up till he gets bored, then he becomes a bit of a stroppy teenager - he definitely needs a family with a lot going on. The family who gave him up had a teenage daughter who was clearly besotted with him and older kid children would definitely be fine. I suspect younger ones might get a nip, but he would probably learn quickly and he's pretty gentle when be disapproves of your shenanigans.
    He's 11 months, full of energy and definitely needs a garden away from busy roads for some adventuring.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Cashew

    Cashew is another young lad who turned up skinny and starving, begging for food, with no owner claiming him. He was whisked to the vet to lose his trouble nuggets and his finder was really hoping to keep him but her cats (and Cashew) had other ideas!
     Cashew is a really loving boy who wants ALL the attention from his human friends. He will do anything for a head scratch and will reward your efforts with his supersonic purr. A total lap cat, Cashew would give you kisses and love all day long if he could.
    He's about 2 years old, keen to be the only cat in the home and would be OK with children as he's such a big softy.
    A garden away from busy roads completes his wishlist.
    Snipped, chipped and vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance
  • Boo

    This pretty girl is Boo.  She is 7 years old and a busy little bee - she loves having picnics with me and is very partial to the occasional prawn from my sandwich and a bite of crisp. She loves her food, is not all fussy and has been known to raid bins- she's very bright!
    She loves to join me at bed time and will snuggle under the sheets with me after she has pawed at them, instructing me to open up and let her in. She is a very loving cuddling caring cat.
    She is also an epic hunter and, along with being allergic to her, I'm finding it increasingly hard to cope with her frequent "presents". The numerous bells haven't helped!
    If you need a pest control officer she would be perfect and she would love a more rural location for her daily adventures - this is a brave hearted, fierce panther roaming the depths of the deadly jungle, albeit in a tiny 3kg squishable, huggable, thoroughly kissable body!
    She will tolerate other cats... eventually,  but is probably best on her own and she will to.erate little humans but just keeps her distance.
    Neutered and chipped plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Gorgeous George (Georgeous)

    It's Gorgeous George's time to shine ✨️
    Initially caught grubby, battered and matted, his smelly pee-stained fur a delicate yellow, he was thought to be old. The vet said he's actually only about 3 years - he's just had a very hard life so far. He was very scared but has come on in leaps and bounds now he trusts me. He loves lap cuddles, plenty of fuss, company and will even have a chat now.
    Ater a fuss he loves to make biscuits in his bed - he lies on his back front legs in the air, his big front paws paddling away and purring like an engine.
    He likes his cat tower, lying on the windowsill, food and playing with toys. He’s just so grateful and has so much love to offer. He’s still scared but once you gain his trust he will be the best companion. George is just adorable!
    He'd like a quieter home, with a garden away from busy roads and he seems OK with other cats.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Honey and Harvey

    Honey is a sweet, loving, playful little bundle of joy. She loves to be the centre of attention and is desperate for someone to play with who has lots of time to shower her with affection.
    Unfortunately her brother Harley is incredibly shy and hides away leaving her frustrated and seeking fun elsewhere, until night time comes when he comes to life and they can be heard causing chaos together until the sun comes back up.
    An intrepid explorer, she is curious about anything and everything and this stealthy kitty can somehow make her way to the highest of units/shelves with very little effort, no noise and minimal damage to any items already there, to give herself a cosy vantage point above the rest of the world.
    Harley is a shy guy who is content to find a nice cosy place to spend the day watching everybody else.
    A gentle giant he is so full of love that even though he is reluctant to leave his cosy place if you go to him he instantly rolls onto his back and starts purring before you even start rubbing his belly.
    Unlike his bolder sister, Honey, Harley prefers to keep to himself so will benefit from a home with a calm environment, and someone with lots of patience who will undoubtedly entice him out to extend his nocturnal craziness to some daytime play and lots of cuddles.
    About one year old, they must be homed together and would love a garden away from busy roads (at least Honey definitely would!).
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Tilly

    Tilly is a gorgeous long-haired black cat, approximately 11 years old with a sweet and shy temperament. When she first came to her foster home she spent some time in a safe hiding spot but having grown in confidence and feeling secure, she now spends her days lazing on the sofa. Tilly is happy to sit on your lap, enjoying having her luscious coat brushed or having her belly rubbed!
    Tilly can be quite jumpy when she hears loud noises or there are unexpected visitors, so would prefer a quiet home without children, and would like to be the only pampered puss. She occasionally likes to play, chasing a laser or ribbon, and she sometimes gets the zoomies, but she certainly doesn't have the energy of a young cat!
    Tilly is litter trained, however when spooked or stressed she has been known to pee elsewhere (on a bed or the floor). This is something to be conscious of,however it has been a very infrequent occurrence since being in her foster home.
    Tilly would suit someone who is patient and understanding, and in return will provide you with lots of love and affection, and even a good conversation - she can be quite chatty and I swear I've heard her say "hello"!!
    She'd love a little garden to potter in but we doubt she'd go far.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Tilly does have a low grade heart murmur which is common in cats and is causing her no issues.
  • Grace

    Grace is a youthful 11 year old and fit as a fiddle. She is accustomed to all the comings and goings of a family home so isn’t phased by alternating periods of being alone and noisy household activity including visitors. She was the only pet and wouldn’t take kindly to sharing her home with another animal companion. Although Grace is well trained in litter tray etiquette indoors, she always had garden access which is important to her and woe betide any feline interloper who crosses her path!
    Grace is definitely a cat who knows her own mind. She knows exactly what she likes and, what she doesn’t like, those around her soon know about. Grace is usually quite reserved and though she likes to be with people in the main living space, she also likes her own place where she won’t be disturbed. She likes her wet food, on time and plenty of it though she happily munches dry food if she’s hungry between meal times. Grace doesn’t like treats, they aren’t proper food apparently! Generally Grace has an air of undemanding independence although she soon reminds her carer it’s meal time by talking and a gentle tap on the arm.
    In mellow mood Grace will seek and show affection, she snuggles up to her carer with a lot of head nudging to encourage stroking and tickling. She's quite a character 😁
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Andy and Saint

    Saint (tortie and white) and Andy, aptly named by the vet as they were caught on an industrial site on St Andrews Road. They were older kittens when they were caught and took a while to trust us. They are now both very affectionate, with Saint being the bravest and coming for cuddles first. We're not sure Andy will ever be a lapcat but he likes to sit next to you and enjoys lots of attention!
    They are gentle cats that like the company of other cats, they love to play together and will spend as much time as you can spare chasing a feather on a stick.
    They need to stay together as this lovely brother and sister are really bonded, they have been in foster most of their lives so will have no road sense and need a garden away from busy roads.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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