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    Smig has spent most of her kittenhood pregnant and raising her babies - she just wants a chance to be herself now  :)
    Smig is a playful, pretty cat - a big kitten at heart. She's only a year old and has just raised 4 kittens (which she found a bit stressful!), so is looking forward to a loving home of her own.
    She loves all sorts of play - when she catches her toy mouse she'll proudly walk around miaowing to let everyone know.
    She adores head scratches, and will occasionally settle down on your lap as well but  life's too much fun to sit around for long! She's desperate to go outside so a garden away from busy roads is a must.
    Her enthusiasm and sheer exuberance for life means she gets a bit carried away at times so older children would be best and no other pets - it's her turn to shine.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Dora and Lily

    We're busy doing nothing...
    Anyone up for two lazy, sleepy sisters?!
    We're looking for a foster to adopt, indoor home for these 10 yr old tabby beauties ie you'll foster them whilst we get them vet checked, vaccinated etc then you officially adopt them when they get the all clear from the vet  :)
    Lily and Dora are part Bengal but you'd never guess!
    They have always been indoor cats and would like to stay that way.
    Lily is independent and is happy to curl up and sleep on her own but she does also love a cuddle with you when it suits her, she’s a big softy really. She loves to get under a blanket or duvet with you so she can get super snug.
    Dora is like a shadow and follows you everywhere for some attention, she loves to be cuddled up with you. Dora also loves to drink from a running tap and is a loud purrer when she’s getting some attention
    They both love to cuddle up together and snooze all afternoon
    They both love anything fishy,  not so keen on other flavours of food.
    Neutered, chipped plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Lottie, Lemon, Luna and Lime

    They haven’t had the best start in life, they were born on a construction site and were strays before coming to us. You wouldn’t know it though! They are all lovely, adventurous and people orientated and would suit a family home with a garden away from busy roads for when they are older. They would be fine with older children who understand how to play carefully.
    We, of course, thought Lemon and Lime would be a pair but Lottie (tabby) and Lemon (calico) are completely devoted to each other and must go as a pair. They are the more adventurous kittens, Lemon is always first to suss out anything new and they enjoy chasing each other’s tails and pouncing on each other. In the morning they’re usually curled up in a cuddle puddle together and will climb on their fosterer’s lap for a quick hello before they’re off playing again.
    Lime and Luna are the two tortoiseshells and they are also very bouncy and playful but are a bit more people focused, they’ll often jump on a lap for a cuddle and are responsive to calls already. They are the marginally calmer pair and will want lots of attention and head scritches. They will also be rehomed as a pair so that they can have all the company they need.
    9 weeks old, vet checked, had first vaccinations plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Ruby and Roxy

    Twice as nice 💜
    Gorgeous Ruby and Roxy are 18mo sisters who spent their early lives being kept outside where they both had two litters of kittens before being rescued.
    They have come to love the comforts of home life, especially regular food!
    Ruby is the braver of the two, always coming to say hello with surprisingly powerful head-bumps. Roxy is a little more cautious but the brains of the operation, and has begun to join her foster parents on the bed or the sofa where she'll purr like crazy before sometimes spooking herself.
    They love to play with their toys, chase and pounce on each other so a garden away from busy roads would be good to burn off some energy.
    They'll need a quieter home and would like to stay together.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Rosie

    Tortielicious 💜
    This pretty girl likes company and will often come and put her head in my lap for some affection. She loves her head bring rubbed, her back not so much - but she wouldn't be a tortie without some quirks! She usually sits nearby when I am home and likes to chat with her cute little miaows and chirrups.
      Rosie loves food but the wet food must be one particular brand! She will chase a teaser for about 5-10 mins a day and I also throw her some treats which she will chase for but she's not the most active of cats.
    She can give a little lovebite when she's had enough so no young children and she'd very much like to be the only pet. A garden away from busy roads completes her wishlist.
    4 yrs old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Ford and Mystique

    Beautiful sisters- half Russian Blues :)
    Ford (more grey on face) is a calm, quiet kitty with a lovely temperament. She likes to sit on the windowsill or go under the bed for some peace and quiet. She can be unsure and nervous in new surroundings. She needs lots of patience and encouragement to come out of her shell. Once she does her lovely personality comes to the fore!
    Ford is very gentle, loving and sweet jumping up for chin rubs and headbutts with her humans. She can also be very playful particularly if it involves toy mice! She is very curious and after a long day of chilling loves to scamper around the house. She has a unique purring sound which makes it sound like she has swallowed a turkey when she is happy!!  House trained and very well behaved, knowing only to scratch the scratch pad.
    Mystique, is the dominant one and sometimes they bicker and hiss, but love napping together.
    Mystique is super cheeky, with high energy,  her foster humans have nicknamed her ‘Mys-chief’. Loves to run around the house having zoomies with toy mice and playing football.
    She adapts very quickly to new environments and has a lot of confidence to explore new home and new people. Mystique can be very vocal when she requires attention, she often leaves the room then meows for her foster humans to come and find her to give her what she wants! She is super independent and finds her own fun and trouble..! She is  desperate to get outside (even escaped twice 🙄).
    These two need to be homed together, even though Mystique sometimes gets overexcited and will hiss at Ford when playing, She loves to know her sister is there and often seeks her out to sleep in the same place.
    They are both nervous at times so would best suit a house without small children. They had previously lived with other cats but both seem to love attention and so I think they would prefer to be the only cats in the household
    They have really come out of their shells since being in foster and actively seek us out for cuddles but we are a quiet household and even if we come up the stairs a bit too fast they will go under the bed and hide. They'll need a garden away from busy roads.
    18 months,  neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Kirby and Kiwi

    Gorgeous siblings looking for their new human(s) to love and cherish them. These sisters were found with their stray mum and have adapted really well to foster care. Kirby (lighter in colour) is the outgoing one, the first to greet me and look for cuddles. She sits on my lap & purrs like a train. Kiwi (darker & fluffy) is a little more timid but is growing in confidence each day.
    They'll need a quieter home, should be fine with other cats and would love a garden away from busy roads.
    They are approx 12 weeks, vet checked, chipped, had first vaccinations plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Dorcha and Bronwen

    Dorcha (fluffy) and Bronwyn (white bib) are two curious, independent-minded sisters, 9 weeks old.
    Dorcha is the more outgoing  - keen to come and find out what you're doing, and play with whatever is on offer. She's fascinated by screens and windows, and loves to hunt flies and feet. She has a very soft coat, and likes strokes if you catch her in the right mood.
    Bronwyn is a bit of a dreamer, and still learning to trust humans. She likes to potter about doing her own thing, occasionally chattering to herself. She loves a romp and playfight with her sister."
    They're a bit shy for young children but should be fine with other cats and need a garden away from busy roads.
    Vet checked, chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance. 
  • Wilma

    This is Wilma! A fluffy, soft little love bug who would make the perfect companion
    She was found in a bush, very skinny with a mouth full of horrible teeth and abscesses. She spent 2 months in the local vet where they tried to find an owner and kindly did her dental at their own expense.
    Wilma has a short wishlist when it comes to her new home:
    1. Food glorious food
    2. A couple of grooms with a cat brush every day
    3. A never ending expectation of head rubs and chin strokes
    4. Grade A cat nip
    Wilma is extremely affectionate and adores being around company. She absolutely loves having her head rubbed and has the softest tufts of hair around her chin which makes stroking time extremely therapeutic for her and you - this has led to her and her foster mum ending up having a few unscheduled cat naps during the day.
    She is very proud of her appearance and prides herself in keeping herself fluffy and soft, ready for strokes. She will stand like a show dog purring loudly when she is groomed with a brush.
    Wilma is very playful and loves ripping apart toy mice - she turns into a little lion. She’s not the most elegant kitty when she’s playful - it’s as though she has 4 left paws.
    You wouldn’t think Wilma was 12. She’s energetic but very chilled at the same time and nothing seems to phase her.
    Likes to chill outside in the sun so a safe little garden would suit her as she doesn’t have the appetite to venture far.
    Because she loves company she wouldn’t be happy if she were left alone for long periods of time.
    We dont know much of her past experience so don't know if she's lived with children; older ones who respect her boundaries may be ok but would need to be a quiet home and be the only cat. She's definitely not keen on dogs!
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Bramble

    Quiet home needed for older lady 💜
    12yr old Bramble is a characterful cat who likes a quiet home and plenty of back scratches and strokes. She is friendly on her terms and when you are quiet and let her come to you she is super friendly and affectionate and will sit on,  or next to a calm, quiet person or even sleep on their bed. Unfortunately our children are not the calm people Bramble enjoys living with and she needs a new home. She tends to hide away when the children are up and about.
    She is a very easy pet who can be happily left alone when you're out. Like all cats she has specific tastes in food - she loves dry cat food and tinned tuna, with a drink of water. If she gets the chance to sip rain water from a puddle in the garden she likes it even more!  She would prefer to be the sole pet in the home. She has a little fluffy belly which is super cute.
    Neutered,  chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
    Bramble is still with her owner as we have no space.
  • Gemini and Leo

    We have two of Twinkletoe's kittens looking for a home together 💜
    Gemini (light grey) and long haired Leo were born outside with no human contact and were both very fiesty and scared when we trapped them. Their mum had done a great job nursing them but discovering kitten food has really helped them to come out of their shells - they love their bellies!!
    Gemini is still quite timid but with the help of her big lion brother Leo, to hide behind, she is beginning to enjoy a cuddle 😻
    Leo is very vocal and cries for attention, he is so cute and has a lovely soft coat. They are typical kittens with boundless energy, their favourite toy is a feathery string to chase but foster mum gets worn out before they do!
    They'll need a garden away from busy roads.
    About 4 months old, chipped and vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Ozzie

    Ozzie is another stray boy who is learning to enjoy home life again - he was obviously a pet at one time but his owner didn't get him neutered or chipped and he's been on the streets for a while.
    He's about 4 yrs old and enjoys a fuss and loves watching the kittens in the next pen and tries to play with them so we think he'll be ok with other nice cats.
    He needs a gentle approach and a quieter home as he's still learning the ropes but he's a sweet boy and eager to please.
    He'd love a garden away from busy roads please.
    Neutered, chipped,  vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Bluebell

    Bluebell loves exploring the garden and sitting in the sun. She is nervous of new places so will need time to settle in but then she is affectionate and likes a lap to sit on and chin rubs. She likes to chase scrunched up paper and prefers dry food to wet. She would like a calm house with a patient owner. She is in very early renal failure so needs to be on a renal diet- BWCR can help fund this.
    13 yrs old, neutered, chipped,  had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
    She's still with their owner as we have no space.
  • Penny

    Meet the cheekiest kitten ever! Penny is sister to Matilda and Marmite but had the misfortune to be hit by a car before she was rescued.
    " Penny's had her final check with the orthopaedic vet and been signed off with advice that she may grow up to have one leg slightly shorter than the other, but no sign of this yet.
    She has been in a crate for a couple of months while her leg has healed and so she is a typical single kitten with no manners!
    Penny is also the most loving, affectionate kitten, she sleeps on my pillow right next to my head every night, and loves a snuggle.
    She gets the zoomies multiple times a day and as she was in a crate during her critical socialisation period as a kitten, she hasn't quite learned what no means yet! Because of this I'd advise no young children as her teeth and claws do leave marks.
    If you try and tell her off you get a lot of backchat and grumbles from her - she"s incorrigible!
    She is very scared of other animals, so she needs a home with no other pets, please. She'd loveva garden away from busy roads now she's fighting fit.
    Penny had a rough start so needs someone who has time for her and will be able to give her all the love she deserves."
    About 15 weeks old, vet checked and had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Archie

    Archie- Looking for a long- term foster home.
    Can anyone offer this gorgeous boy a forever home, he is 14yrs old but, other than needing a dental, (BWCR will pay for this at our vets) is in good health for his age, he has been shaved due to his matted fur. His owners have been told by their landlord they can’t keep him so sadly have asked for help to find him another home. He hates other cats so needs to be the only pet, has lived with an older child before so could cope with that again but does need a quiet home. He can be a bit grumpy if messed about with too much so needs an experienced owner who will read the signs but he does love a warm lap to curl up on.
    Archie likes to go out and is a bit of a wanderer so needs a home away from any busy roads.
  • Soxx and Sampson

    Found outside as kittens, now living and loving the good life!!
    "This adorable pair of kittens are looking for their forever home! 4 month old brothers Soxx (b&w) and Sampson (tabby) are the cheekiest, most wonderfully curious boys who have given their foster parents so many laughs in the time they’ve been here. They both absolutely love playtime and it’s so much fun to watch them chase their wand toys and go wild for their cat springs. If you want to get a bit creative they also love makeshift pillow forts and paper bag ambushes! Soxx is the more confident of the two, he goes all in at playtime - it’s amazing to watch him leap and tumble! Sampson is a little more hesitant but we think he’s going to grow into a really smart boy, you can see him working things out, carefully considering his toys before he pounces. They absolutely love to chase and wrestle with each other, taking it in turns to be the “prey” and then ending their “hunts” with a mutual grooming session!
    These playful beans were a little undersocialised when they came to us, so they aren’t the type to hang out in your lap, but they have made great progress, enjoying a good fuss while purring like little tractors, so a patient forever family will surely be able to bring out their affectionate side. We’ve noticed that they have started to only want to spend time in whatever room we are in, which is so sweet, especially since it means we get to watch them play together while we watch tv 🤣 As you have probably guessed, these two have an iron clad bond, so they must be taken together as they are the best of friends."
    A garden away from busy roads is a must for these two. No other pets and older children only.
    Chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
    ***If you're interested please mail us at [email protected] ***

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