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  • Mallory and Mouse

    Mallory and Mouse - two beautiful floofs 💜
    These lovely cats were adopted by their fostermum two years ago but they're sadly not coping with the arrival of a new baby.
    "When I first picked the cats up from the vets, they were so scared. It took weeks for them to come out from under the sofa. It's been wonderful to see them grow in confidence. The surprise arrival of our baby has been a difficult one. We were hoping to move to a bigger house (we're in a garden flat) in the countryside and the cats would have been so happy. Due to COVID we're no longer able to move and I'm sad for them having to hide from the toddler.
    They'd much prefer a quiet adult-only home.
    Of the two, Mouse is the younger one at 3yrs.  He is incredibly affectionate and is a truly loyal cat. It is him I am most worried about rehoming as he is really attached to me. In the garden, he will come running for cuddles when he hears me call his name. It's great hearing him jumping up all the fences to say hello. My partner can call him in but only for dinner! He loves nothing more than being snuggled up getting strokes. He can get a bit dribbly when he's really happy.
    Mally is more independent and quieter. She will happily sit at the edge of a room without fuss. When the time is right she will hop onto anyone's lap for a quick stroke and then she'll disappear when it suits her. She is good natured, gentle and I see her as a wise cat. She is a little bit older at 5yrs and is possibly Mouse's mum but we don't know for sure.
    They both love to play, chasing a piece of string or cat toy will keep them jumping around for hours. Of the two, Mally is the hunter and is impressive when chasing a cat toy around the house.
    They both love being outside and it is very important they have space to roam and a garden away from busy  roads. They've carved out a territory amongst the neighbourhood cats and I am sad to rehome them when they're so settled here. They don't fight with other cats, in fact one cat seems to come to call round for them to play!"
    Neutered and chipped plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
    Mally and Mouse are still with their owner to avoid the stress of a move into foster.
  • Archie

    Anyone up for a handsome but neurotic bundle of floof ☺? Meet 13 year old Turkish Van cat, Archie - he is a bit of a sensitive soul, and can’t live with other pets or children. He was adopted 7 years ago from an RSPCA rescue centre, where he couldn’t have another cat in the pen next to him because he attacked them through the perspex, and he is frequently in fights with the local cats and has a tendency to jump on dogs too 😬 He's been a one-person cat, used to a quiet life and needs someone around all day as he suffers from separation anxiety. Feliway helps but it really depends on who you to choose to look after him when you're away and how much he decides he likes that lucky person! When he's stressed he can overgroom and do the occasional dirty protest on the floor but he's fine once his slave returns. He's very vocal and affectionate and likes to wind himself round your legs for attention and is a bit of a "character"! Archie does like to go outside and patrol his territory when the weather is up to his standards so needs a garden away from busy roads and preferably no neighbouring cats he can duff up - at 13 hopefully he'll be too old for such shenanigans soon! Like a lot of longhaired cats he’s a bit prone to hair balls and also suffers with flea allergic dermatitis so needs regular monthly flea treatments. His owner is heartbroken at having to give him up but major life changes mean he can't go with her sadly. Neutered, chipped Are you ready to adopt a cat from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue? Make sure you read our Adopt page and complete our Adoption Application form. [sf_button colour="accent" type="sf-icon-reveal" size="standard" link="/apply" target="_self" icon="fa-paw" dropshadow="no" rounded="yes" extraclass=""]Apply[/sf_button] Already passed the home check? Contact us if you’d like to adopt.

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