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  • Calcifer

    "Cal/ Calcifer
    The sweetest, silliest, most beautiful boy. Calcifer is a little shy and nervous around new people, as he’s only ever lived with his owner and a housemate, so he will need some patience. He may hide for the first couple days, but once he’s comfortable he is so much fun. He’s full of energy and character, always wanting to play and be in the same room on the same sofa. He’s not overly affectionate, but will come and curl up with you on the sofa on his own terms!
    He is so so loved and used to sleeping on the bed, he cuddles up to his teddy bear next to the pillows or sleeps at the end of the bed, he’s very patient about meal times, always lets me sleep in.
    Currently an indoor cat, however he seems somewhat interested in the outside. If a family had a garden and slowly introduced him to outside life I think it could be great for him.
     Cal would thrive with more attention/play time/stimulants.
    Probably best in a household with older children as he's only been used to two adults. When playing he does love to attack his owners' arms and bunny kick/bite (very playfully and carefully, always giving licks afterwards) but can have moments of getting carried away!
    He is 3 years old, neutered and vaccinated and still with his owner in Cotham
  • Atlas

    Awesome Atlas - when the cat has better hair than you do 🤣🤣
    This large silly floof needs a quieter home than mine, with no other pets. He's come out of his shell a lot since I've had him, and he now needs a forever home all for himself! He just wants to be the centre of attention. He's such a beautiful, friendly boy (with humans anyway!), and follows me around all the time, 'trilling' at me for attention. New owner will need to be steady on their feet as he is a trip hazard! 😄 He loves his food and will do anything for Dreamies. He's not really into being stroked but he will sit next to you on the sofa or in bed and make biscuits on your dressing gown and purr his head off all day if you let him. Chin scratches are his bliss.
    Atlas is 8 yrs old and needs a quiet adult-only home with no other pets and a garden away from busy roads. Atlas is still with his owner in Bishopston.
    Neutered, chipped plus comes with 5 weeks Fred insurance.
  • Flossy

    Flossy is a sweet and gentle, quiet little 14 year old girl needing an equally quiet home.
    You’ll find her most days sunning herself in a sunny spot or curling up under a radiator or other warm spot in the house.
    She doesn’t like loud noises or sudden movements so is finding it very difficult living with our very active toddler, which is causing her to have repeated bouts of stress-related cystitis.
    We have reluctantly decided to rehome her to somewhere quieter where she can be happier.
    She is very friendly to adult visitors and often comes over to say hello and investigate a new lap to sit on.
    Flossy would be happiest as the only pet with no children with a garden away from busy roads but we doubt she'd go far.
    She has a Feliway diffuser which helps calm her, which will be included for the new owners, along with her cat carrier.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
    Flossy is also a flu carrier which isn't helped by feeling stressed and she does get sneezy. Once she's settled in a calm new home both the flu and cystitis should be hugely improved but BWCR will pay any costs at Fernlea vets.

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