Fosterers’ Form

Complete your Foster Cat's Profile

Thank you for fostering a cat for Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue. We hope your cat or cats are settling in well! Completing this form will give us the important information we need to find your foster puss a new, loving home.

Please complete one form per cat. If you have multiple cats that need to be homed together, please complete one form each cat, add a note in the biography, and include at least one picture of the cats together.

This form is for fosterers who need to provide details for their foster puss. If you need to get in touch for any other reason, you may need one of our other forms to make sure your message reaches the right person as quickly as possible.


    Basic information about your foster cat

    Some of this information may have been provided by the volunteer who delivered your foster cat. It's very important to complete this form accurately as it can help match your cat up with it's purr-fect family!

    YesOlder children only (10+)NoUnknown





    Fully vaccinatedPartial vaccinationNone


    Your cat's personality

    The biography for your foster cat or cats can really help them to find a loving home. Try to describe your cats personality, their favourite games and any weird things they do. This brief description should be 1 - 3 paragraphs and needs to be written from your perspective. Don't worry about spelling or grammar, we'll check this over before it gets onto the site.


    A good photo goes a long way to securing an adoption. You don't have to conduct a full photoshoot but extra effort at this point can be the difference between an adoption in 2 days or 2 months.

    Please select 2-3 photos of your cat. Images should be a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels and no bigger than 2MB per image.

    If your pictures are too large, please resize them and resubmit.

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