Another retirement home needed for a sweet older lady 💜

Rosie at 14 yrs is a senior lovebug with a gorgeous temperament. She was a little nervous when she arrived at her foster home but, after a couple of hours hiding, she found her feet and soon claimed her rightful place on the bed. She loves her food and is still a little tubby, but has leaned up a little since being on a moderate and consistent diet. Rosie can be a bit nervous around loud noises and new people but quickly finds her confidence again, and will soon be jumping up on the sofa for head strokes and to snuggle against your legs. She hasn’t yet tried a lap but really enjoys being around people. Although Rosie is a little tottery due to some arthritis in her hips, she is on medication for this  (Meloxaid – painkiller and anti inflammatory) which is very easy to administer in to her food and which BWCR can fund, if necessary.
However, she still gets the zoomies and will race up and down the house when the mood takes her! Generally however, she is content to lie in a sunny patch of the house and gently chirp at you as you walk by. Rosie has previously had access to a garden which she loved. She would be ideally suited to a calm, quiet household with an older person without dogs, cats or children and a safe garden to potter in. We discovered today that she is definitely not a fan of the vet!
Neutered, chipped,  had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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