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  • Nox

    Meet Nox 💜
    Nox is a very chilled cat, who is well behaved and has settled quickly into our home. He is a little attention seeker, and will let you know when he wants belly rubs and pets, as he'll plop himself on the floor or sofa in front of you and demand attention.
     He isn't interested in any of the toys we bought him and much prefers chasing a piece of string!  He is very gentle if you feed him treats and he will lick your fingers to make sure he gets every last crumb.
    He will wake you up with a meow and letting you know that you need to feed him his breakfast! He likes having a chat with us, especially when he feels like he needs attention or food! He isn't a lap cat, but he will snuggle up beside you and lean on you :)
    We don't know what he is like around children, but he has a very good temperament, is tolerant and takes himself away when things get too much for him, so we think he'd fit in with most families with older children. He'd like to be an only puss though and he needs a garden away from busy roads as he seems to be itching to go outside!
    About 5 yrs, neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Bub

    Bug needs an understanding home 💜 Bug was originally adopted from the RSPCA in March 2016, they thought he was about 8 months old and had been a stray - he's a big puss with a big personality. He is a constant tail wagger, most of the time he likes a head rub, or he will jump on the kitchen table then onto your shoulder if he wants a cuddle, he's pretty agile! He does get grumpy and will scratch or bite if you give him attention when he is not up for it so you need to read the signs and he needs an adult-only home with no other pets. So far, so typical but unfortunately some things changed during lockdown which really stressed him out and made him miserable: The neighbours got 2 new kittens and a strange cat also started appearing in the garden and they all came into the house at night, stealing his food, bullying him and spraying on his territory :( Then a new baby arrived and Bug started pulling his fur out with the stress of it all and hissing and spitting at himself to vent his frustration. Poor Bug just wants a quiet life like he had before, preferably with not many cats in the neighbourhood and definitely none that will steal his supper! He'd like a garden away from busy roads where he can rule the roost again. Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free. Are you ready to adopt a cat from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue? Make sure you read our Adopt page and complete our Adoption Application form. [sf_button colour="accent" type="sf-icon-reveal" size="standard" link="/apply" target="_self" icon="fa-paw" dropshadow="no" rounded="yes" extraclass=""]Apply[/sf_button] Already passed the home check? Contact us if you’d like to adopt.
  • Charlie and Chester

    Charlie (12) and Chester (5) need a home together as the love each other 💜 "Charlie (grey) has a good appetite since his dental and is loving the sun lately.  I will be very very sorry to see him go - he makes a good job of communicating with me...talkative and pulls my sleeve with his teeth if I dont feed him on time or give him attention when I'm busy. He gives us (and Chester) funny disapproving looks if we sit in his chair or disturb his self-cleaning routine....Charlie is so proud of his fluffy coat and he works hard to maintain it!  He loves to be brushed and petted and will turn over for a belly rub.  When he's in the mood for cuddles, he is the best cat ever for hugs!  He loves humans but he takes time to relax around people he doesnt know.  He jumps on your lap and will happily sleep on you or the bed and is usually not far away from us, WFH suits him (he doesnt wander far away from me). Unfortunately Charlie was found to be in early renal failure when he had his dental so must be kept on a re al diet to protect his kidneys and prolong his life. He still sometimes uses the indoor litter tray as he's a bit fussy about our catflap and the weather. We usually have to let him out of the door when he asks but he finds his own way back via the catflap! Charlie has character, he's affectionate, sleeps alot but he's not past playing with a bit of string and chasing Chester. Chester is a real sweetie and he loves to snuggle up high on your chest and will put his front paws around your neck.  He is very healthy and a bundle of fun.  He also has a wonderful gentle temperament and lately has started to lick and nibble your hands, sometimes nibbles your face too.  He is more adventurous with trying new foods but is crazy about Dreamies and treats (luckily Charlie isn't bothered about treats) He's playful and affectionate and will sleep on your lap too but during the day he will find a hideaway to sleep ie under a table in a corner.   He loves to go outside, even when it rains and brings all the mud back too. Chester has a very fine bushy tail like a lemur and his coat is silky but also so scruffy!  We try to brush Chester but he doesnt really like it and so he gets bribed with Dreamies. Both Charlie and Chester have no experience of children and, because of lockdown, not many visitors.  Their owner said they wouldnt be suitable for child households.  Charlie just needs quiet and a cuddly lap but Chester would love a garden away from busy roads for adventures." Both neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance. BWCR will cover the cost of Charlie's renal check ups and blood tests at one of our vets.

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