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    Barry and Bean

    Barry and Bean - two more of our farm kittens ready for new adventures 💜
    With great sadness in my heart, it's time that Bean and Barry are ready for their forever homes.
    This little and large duo are 12 weeks old, although not related, Barry's soppy, soft nature matches well with Bean who needs someone to play not too roughly with her.
    Bean didn't have the best start which set her back in size and weight compared to her play mates. Although she is still a delicate china teacup, she now seems to be thriving! Her confidence is much bigger than her size - I am often am cursing her name when she is climbing up my legs or leaping for my necklace 🤣
    Barry is, in my opinion, a LEGEND who loves to sleep on your warm lap. He was the chunkiest kitten of them all hence his name Barry Beefcake. He is not the slightest bit of trouble.
    Whomever adopts these kittens will be so lucky and a 5* home is an absolute must!
    They'll need a garden away from busy roads and a home with older children as Bean is delicate despite being a tortie terrorist. No pony tail, stray hair or dangly necklace are safe!
     I'm so so sad for these two to go especially Barry 😢 he is my right hand man.
    I've cradled Bean through a lot but shes going to be trouble  😬🤭
    Had vet check and first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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