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  • Jet and Rufus

    Jet is a lively little girl, only a baby herself at about 1 year old and has been a great mum to her babies. She is a typical young cat, interested in everything, likes a bit of fuss but is happiest when exploring and playing with her kittens – for playing read chasing around the house like a mad thing! She is friendly, has just become a lap cat and can be spooked by sudden noises or movements but this has been happening less and less the longer she has been in foster. Her baby boy Rufus (nicknamed "Legs" as they are so long!) loves to play but can be a bit shy – however, dangle a toy or offer him a treat and he gets a lot less shy! He gets very protective of his toys and will growl if someone else tries to take his toy when he is enjoying a game of chase by himself. He's 12 weeks and on the bottom in the photo (we think! His two sisters are off to a new home together). They've met older children (10+) and were fine and they'll need a garden away from busy roads. Jet is neutered and chipped and they've both had their first vaccinations.
  • Poe, Mo and Bugzy

    Three gorgeous rescued teenagers looking for a home together please or as a pair and a single 💜
    These babies were all rescued separately but have become best friends with their owner who can sadly no longer keep them.
    Poe the black beauty is 7 months and a gentle boy who loves cuddles and climbing trees though he does need to be rescued occasionally!
    Mo the little cow kitty is 5 months and very affectionate and needy, he loves to play and must be homed with one of the others for company.
    Bugzy is the gentle girl, also 5 months, who likes to run between your legs and be a trip hazard! She loves the boys but is scared of other cats.
    It would be lovely if they could all stay together but we know that's a big ask.
    They need a garden away from busy roads are all neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
    They're still with their owner to save them the stress of a move into foster.
  • Cece, Luna and Little Star

    Cece and the kids are looking for a home together if anyone is up for a trio of cuteness? 💜
    "Who will be lucky enough to adopt Cece (more white) and her charming children who are 6 months old?
    They really are an adorable little family, Cece has brought them up well and is a wonderful role model. Cece is only 2 years old herself and, being a thoroughly modern mum, she likes to join in with some rough and tumble play time. But more often than not she likes to have an afternoon nap while they play or she sits and watches them. They are so sweet and they are all really gentle. Little Star (male) and Luna (tortie, female) are a bit fluffy which makes them even more cuddly; they enjoy being brushed but often think it's all a big game though Luna is more ladylike than Little Star, Little Star just thinks you're his personal climbing frame 😹"
    Fine with older children and need a garden away from busy roads.
    All neutered, chipped,  vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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