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    Jack and Jill

    Jack and Jill - ace footballers! 💜💜
    Jack and Jill (Jill has more white on her) were born to one of our feral Avonmouth mums but they are super sweet and friendly.  Born on the 20th of May they are now 11 weeks old and are typical little bundles of joy, into everything and full of beans.
    They have endless energy and love to play football with anything they can find - their dribbling skills are pawsome 😹
    They also love to nibble toes and don't sit still so getting good pics isn't easy! They'll need a garden away from busy roads for lots of adventures, are fine with other cats and would be 9k with gentle children.
    Vet checked, chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Carrot and Pumpkin

    Two delicious little kittens
    "These are two of the most affectionate boys I've ever had the pleasure of fostering! They always like to be in the same room as you, they do everything together including getting up to mischief sometimes. They're very snuggly and love a cuddle in bed in the mornings :) they have encountered dogs and are happy with older more relaxed dogs. They're very well behaved but would be careful with children just because of their sharp claws and their playing sometimes includes having a little nibble.
    They're not scared easily and they don't even mind the noise of the hairdryer, but of course they're a bit worried about the hoover! They love playing with toys and can entertain themselves for ours just with a ball or just playfighting each other, and then will come to you for a snuggle when they're tired. They'll need a garden away from busy roads for big boy adventures! "
    12 weeks old, vet checked, fully vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatments plus come with 5 weeks insurance.
  • Mask and Trouble

    This is Mask and Trouble, 12 week old brothers who proper love each other and boxes!! They were caught as ferals at 6-7 weeks and Trouble is still a work in progress. Mask purrs the moment that he sees people and will be a lap cat in no time. Trouble likes strokes and tickles and purrs but still finds it a bit overwhelming. They can take their dog crate with them for a couple of weeks whilst they get used to their new home and will need intensive interaction during this time.
    They're fine with other cats and will probably benefit from another friendly puss to show them the ropes. No young children and they'd love a garden away from busy roads.
    Vet checked, chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Cosmo and Crumbles

    Two more of our cute farm kittens are ready to go 💜💜
    Black  boy Cosmo is playful and friendly loves playing with feathers and toys with bells on, the noisier the better! When he's exhausted himself he will settle in for long cuddles.
    His sister Crumbles is shyer but will allow a short cuddle and a stroke, she's also very playful and forgets her fear when she's busy chasing something!
    Both eating well (pouches and dry food) and litter trained.
    They need a home together with time to settle in, no young chikdren and a garden away from busy roads. They're fine with other cats and another youngish friendly cat would probably help them be brave!
    Vet checked, chipped, had 1st vaccination, about 12 weeks old plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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