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  • Mickey and Sue

    This 3-year-old brother and sister had a tough experience before fostering, but now they have come out of their shells they have bags of character and lots of love to give.
    Mickey is confident, friendly and playful. He likes to leap in the air to catch a feather toy on a string, but once he's used up his energy he'll jump on you for treats and strokes. He wakes me up by pawing my face when he wants breakfast, and is very vocal if he thinks you need to give him some attention. He likes to lie on my chest and purr in my face.
    Sue is sassy with the waggiest tail of any cat I've ever met. She can still be a bit anxious around people but is so loving once she trusts you, head butting your hand until you stroke her and snuggling next to you if shes allowed on the bed. Sue is the smart one, she normally locates the treats I've hidden before her brother.
    They get on fine but to prevent their occasional sibling rivalry you need to make sure they get equal amounts of head scratches and lots of playtime, so I think they would suit a home with people who are around to entertain them. Mickey can forget not to use his claws sometimes when desperate for treats, so probably not suitable around young children. They've not been outside before, but are certainly interested in the outdoors, so a quiet garden well away from busy roads would work well.
    Neutered,  chipped,  vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Meg & Max

    Mum Meg and son Max 💜💜 This pretty pair are more lucky cats rescued from a life on the streets. They are shy but loving, very gentle natured and enjoy a fuss but like to approach you first. They are not overly happy being picked up so will need a patient household to help them progress and so are not suitable for very young children. Max loves his Mum and they are very close with Meg regularly still washing him though she puts him in his place from time to time too - once a mum, always a mum! They would do well settled in one room to begin with and with puppy pads/newspaper around the litter tray - Max had an upset tummy when he first arrived (all sorted now) and he associates the litter tray with discomfort. His once daily poop tends to be just outside the tray now and obviously won't be an issue once they start going outside. They'd love a garden away from busy roads and they're good with other cats. Meg is 3 yrs, Max is 2yrs and they're both neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance. Are you ready to adopt a cat from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue? Make sure you read our Adopt page and complete our Adoption Application form. [sf_button colour="accent" type="sf-icon-reveal" size="standard" link="/apply" target="_self" icon="fa-paw" dropshadow="no" rounded="yes" extraclass=""]Apply[/sf_button] Already passed the home check? Contact us if you’d like to adopt.

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