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  • Sky

    Sky is a 2 and a half year old. She can be tentative around people and would suit a quieter home. Sky likes to curl up somewhere hidden away and watch what’s going on, but she has an incredibly loud purr and, when she’s feeling confident, will happily sit on a lap or curl up next to you for hours for some fuss. She’s also well behaved with using her litter tray. Sky is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped, plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance
  • Spirit and Thunder

    Best buddies looking for new digs together 💜
    "This duo are best friends so have to go together! Spirit and Thunder. They sometimes nap together or groom each other and it melts our hearts. Spirit is the small black female, she's just over a year old and full of love. She likes to sleep on our beds and often sits on our laps looking for rubs and cuddles.
    This cheeky madam also likes to steal Thunder’s food sometimes so we have two separate bowls!
    Thunder is a handsome 3yr old tabby and is a cool customer. He shies away from attention a lot of the time and doesn’t like sudden movements, but will then surprise us by asking for love and smooches which makes it all the more rewarding. He'd like a quieter home with no young children. He’s forced us to keep their dry food bags and pouches in a box as he’s a great climber and has reached his food stash on the top shelf!.
    When they first arrived they hid behind the couch for two days but have come fully out of their shells. They sometimes get the zoomies and chase each other around the house and would love a garden away from busy roads to explore. Spirit isn't a fan of cat baskets so a top opener would be good for her.
    Neutered ,chipped,  vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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