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  • India

    India moved herself out of a chaotic multi-cat household about 3 yrs ago and chose a neighbour to live with - this girl knows her own mind! Unfortunately he also had his own moggies so it still wasn't ideal. She really doesn't like other cats.
    She's a sweet little girl and lets you know when she wants attention and when she wants to be left alone. She's about 5 now and never had much individual attention before but she's warming up to it fast. An evening in on the settee next to you suits her fine!
    She is very well behaved and gentle. Loves being stroked and having her belly rubbed. Loves chasing the laser pen and bits of string.
    She requires someone who is patient as she gets spooked easily and hides whenever she hears unknown noises or if there are any sudden movements around her.
    I can tell she really wants to go outside so a garden away from busy roads is a must.
    Neutered,  chipped,  vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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