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    Indood home needed for quirky black gummy bear, Toby 💜
     This cheeky little black panther can’t quite decide if he’s a cat or a bird! His cutesy little grumbles, chirps and tweets generally mean he wants attention, food or head rubs.
     Toby came into BWCR as a stray. The vet has estimated him to be around 3 years old (given that he’s had most of his teeth taken out, it’s a little difficult to tell his exact age!). He’s tested positive for FIV so needs to be a housecat now and BWCR will pay vet bills for any issues FIV-related.
    Toby is a spritely character and high up there on his list of favourite things to do are tail chasing and convincing you to play chase or hide and seek with him (you approach, he’ll run off, but he’ll be sure to turn to make sure you’re following, before he dashes off again!). He’s been known to swipe unexpectedly, but never hurts you - it seems he's still learning how to cat. For this reason he needs an adult-only home.
    He'll be losing his foster home on Sept 30th unfortunately so it would be lovely to get him rehomed before them.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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