Dizzy, Freya & Inka

Dizzy, Freya & Inka
22 October 2008 Aime Cox-Tennant

Weighed Freya this morning and she has put on a bit of weight, not much, but in the right direction. Think she will just be small as she eats well, is very vocal and certainly doesn’t take any nonsense from the boys.

Surprisingly she is the only one that complains about the eye ointment and the only one who refused the food with the worming powder in it, took me lots of different ways of disguising it to get her to eat it, the boys didn’t even notice.

I’m taking these things as her being female and therefore showing more intelligence than the boys! I can also see she is going to be a total lap cat and the one most desperate to cuddle up to Summer at every opportunity.

Inka is going to be the naughty one, now he has got over his initial caution, he seemed very unsocialised where humans were concerned but I guess this was understandable after being left in a box in a layby.

He is now bossy, demanding, very playful and thinks he is as big as Summer, running up to her sideways with his back arched, very comical considering the size he is.

Unfortunately Summer doesn’t seem to be as scared of him as he thinks his stance demands so he ends up just rubbing all round her face purring! He is just so funny to watch. Dizzy is wonderful and yes he has grown so much.

I renamed him but he is just so “Dizzy” we decided to go back to the name you called him. He is known now as Dizzy Rascal and is such a lovely cat. He has bonded so well with me and just loves to be stroked and cuddled, ending up sleeping in the most ridiculous and uncomfortable looking positions.

He has bonded very well with Summer too and the two of them can be seen wandering about together looking for more mischief to get into, true partners in crime!

Summer has been wonderful and, although only seven months old herself, seems to have taken over the role of mum at times.

She licks them all on a regular basis and looks totally bemused but contented when they are all running in different directions, through her legs and jumping at her tail.

I think having them was a wonderful decision and thank you for all your help and guidance Margaret.

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