Acrobatic Fenix (was Phoenix)

Acrobatic Fenix (was Phoenix)
14 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

This is an update on Fenix, who we adopted about a month ago. He and Georgie, formerly Lilly, have an uneasy friendship, with lots of chasing, ambushing and batting each other, but most of the growling has stopped.

Fenix was an indoor cat but is taking steps towards the big outdoors, as long as someone is with him as there are scary noises about! He’s not yet a lap cat but does sit next to you and lies down on the bed (he keeps pinching my husband’s side of the bed!).

His acrobatics in play are amazing: he’s able to leap, twist and turn like a pro – we’re very impressed, and several slow motion films have been taken. Thank you for another lovely furry person.

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