Early Bird Beans (was Nina)

Early Bird Beans (was Nina)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

We thought you might like a quick update on Beans. She is still doing really well. She has one room full of toys which she is enjoying (and James) and she still has her dog-like ways of sitting at our feet when watching TV and following us around everywhere.

She is quite an early bird and likes to wake us up about 6am by wandering over us and trying to get under the duvet. She likes to spend most of the night curled up between us or sleeping on the end of the bed.

The vet is trying steroids to see if we can stop the over-grooming, but at least she hasn’t moved from her tummy so she still has her lovely coat everywhere else. (James grooms her every day and she loves it.)

She is a little happier about going outside but would rather be where we are so stays in if we are in, even if she is given the choice.

We have a happy cat. 🙂

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