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Tango & Cash (were Ivan & Isaac)
30 October 2016 Aime Cox-Tennant

They are gradually settling in, Tango (Ivan) more so than Cash (Isaac). Tango is always the first to join us on the sofa and curl up for a cuddle, Cash is still a tiny bit hesitant.

So far to date we’ve only had two little mishaps; Wednesday last week, on their first day at home alone, Cash somehow managed to sprain his wrist.

After an emergency visit to the vet, we were reassured with the news that nothing was broken and given instruction to let him rest in a cage for a couple of days, which was actually heartbreaking as all he wanted to do was play with Tango.

By Saturday he was right as rain and we were more than happy to let him out to play with his brother. He’s been fine since. Other than that, they spend most of their waking time sprinting through the house, rough-housing with each other and finding all the places we’d rather they didn’t venture, behind the TV and under the desk are popular along with the shower tray.

Tango has also proven to be more nimble than Cash, discovering the mantlepiece is just within reach with a perfectly executed jump from the sofa, whilst Cash is quite happy to watch.


October update

Both boys are doing very well.

Tango is really affectionate and loves cuddles, whereas Cash is more on his terms only. He is very much a daddy’s boy though!

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