Benji & Jerry

Benji & Jerry
8 July 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

We adopted Bill and Ben- now Benji and Jerry – from you a year ago and I wanted to thank you again for letting us have such gorgeous cuddly little tigers.

They had been abandoned by their owners when their house was repossessed and while they hadn’t been starved (they are both huge!) they were certainly in need of love and attention. They have settled in beautifully to the life of country cats and rule our house with velvet paws.

They love to play – no cat nip mouse lasts more than about 5 minutes, but catching the real ones gives them plenty of exercise. They are very affectionate, and bring us lots of presents- half a rabbit in my work shoes was a low point but we now have a cupboard for shoes!

Jerry has shown Houdini tendencies with locked cat flaps- he opened it within 2 minutes of installing it and the only way to keep them in for a vet’s appointment is to barricade the flap with a chopping board and a box of potatoes!

They are wonderful with visiting children and even restrained themselves with a friend’s chickens and guinea pigs that we were looking after while she moved house. I enclose some photos of the two of them enjoying life to the full!

Thank you again for all your hard work and our lovely cats.

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