Minnie (was Joanie)

Minnie (was Joanie)
9 July 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just to let you know, that I picked up Joanie on Thursday night, and have been at home with her for the past 4 days. I was thinking of calling her Delilah, but as soon as I saw her, I thought “no, it’s GOT to be Minnie, because she’s so skinny, and miniature!”

If you didn’t know, it turns out she’s also deaf, so when she’s downstairs calling you, she can’t hear you calling back, bless her! If you want to get her attention, you have to thump your foot on the floor… but on the upside, when she’s curled up on the sofa, you can do pretty much anything and she won’t notice – including vacuuming! 🙂

Minnie is just lush – really, we’ve had SOOOOO many cuddles, even got up early this morning (hmmmm, not that I had much choice!) to have one before I left her, snoring on the sofa, to come to work, boo hoo.

As you know, she’s very tidy and well behaved but a NIGHTMARE on the food front, which doesn’t help with the weight – so I’m stocking up tonight on EVERYTHING I can find, including some deli-turkey for treats, as she’ll eat THAT until she explodes…

As she’s not very good at washing herself, except for her head, I’ve started brushing her, and she’s getting used to that – when she purrs, her whole body shakes!

Her claws are too long and she’s sticking to the carpet at times, so I’ve had a go and managed one paw, she’s quite good about it. I’ll tackle each paw one at a time over a few days, so it’s not too traumatic.

She sleeps downstairs overnight, doesn’t seem to want to sleep on my bed, but has taken to waking me up about 5.00 a.m. by sticking her nose in my ear and chirruping quite loudly – and there’s no snooze button on her… 🙂

It’s official, I’m besotted… Off to the vet next week to register her, and if she’s not too wee between the shoulders, get her chipped, as I won’t let her out until then. I’m taking a week off to sort my new garden at the end of the month, so she can promenade by then.

Thank you SO much for trusting me with Minnie, and as soon as my camera batteries re-charge, I’ll take some piccies of her to send to you. Also, a donation is on the way in the post to help you with all your good work.

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