Grace is a youthful 11 year old and fit as a fiddle. She is accustomed to all the comings and goings of a family home so isn’t phased by alternating periods of being alone and noisy household activity including visitors. She was the only pet and wouldn’t take kindly to sharing her home with another animal companion. Although Grace is well trained in litter tray etiquette indoors, she always had garden access which is important to her and woe betide any feline interloper who crosses her path!
Grace is definitely a cat who knows her own mind. She knows exactly what she likes and, what she doesn’t like, those around her soon know about. Grace is usually quite reserved and though she likes to be with people in the main living space, she also likes her own place where she won’t be disturbed. She likes her wet food, on time and plenty of it though she happily munches dry food if she’s hungry between meal times. Grace doesn’t like treats, they aren’t proper food apparently! Generally Grace has an air of undemanding independence although she soon reminds her carer it’s meal time by talking and a gentle tap on the arm.
In mellow mood Grace will seek and show affection, she snuggles up to her carer with a lot of head nudging to encourage stroking and tickling. She’s quite a character 😁
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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