🎶 Good golly Miss Molly 🎶
Molly is a playful 2 year old who is looking for new staff of the human kind (she gets a bit jealous of furry companions). She would like a chef, entertainer, lap provider and protector….
 As a pure white cat, Molly is beautiful, but with her snowy appearance comes some responsibility – she will definitely need sun cream on her ears and cute little pink nose to prevent her getting skin cancer.
She loves company and to play chase and capture her ‘prey’. When tired, Molly likes to snooze near you and will sometimes treat you to a lap cuddle if you’re still. Molly is still very kitten like and would be better in a home with older children or just adults as she can change very quickly from wanting to play to letting you know she’s had enough!
She’s not crazy about being picked up but will jump up and nuzzle you and give you nose boops. Unexpected noises still send her squeezing under the sofa but she is growing more confident all the time and can usually be bribed out quite quickly with treats!
She has lovely, odd coloured eyes and may well be deaf on the blue-eyed side but it’s very hard to tell!
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
She has one cracked tooth which the vets want to leave alone at the moment but, if it causes any issues, BWCR will fund the extraction at Fernlea vets.

We’re really pleased that you’d like to proceed with an adoption application. Before you fill out the form below, please make sure you’ve read our Adopt page so that you are familiar with our process.

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