Tilly is a gorgeous long-haired black cat, approximately 11 years old with a sweet and shy temperament. When she first came to her foster home she spent some time in a safe hiding spot but having grown in confidence and feeling secure, she now spends her days lazing on the sofa. Tilly is happy to sit on your lap, enjoying having her luscious coat brushed or having her belly rubbed!
Tilly can be quite jumpy when she hears loud noises or there are unexpected visitors, so would prefer a quiet home without children, and would like to be the only pampered puss. She occasionally likes to play, chasing a laser or ribbon, and she sometimes gets the zoomies, but she certainly doesn’t have the energy of a young cat!
Tilly is litter trained, however when spooked or stressed she has been known to pee elsewhere (on a bed or the floor). This is something to be conscious of,however it has been a very infrequent occurrence since being in her foster home.
Tilly would suit someone who is patient and understanding, and in return will provide you with lots of love and affection, and even a good conversation – she can be quite chatty and I swear I’ve heard her say “hello”!!
She’d love a little garden to potter in but we doubt she’d go far.
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Tilly does have a low grade heart murmur which is common in cats and is causing her no issues.

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