Playful Lyla (was BB)

Playful Lyla (was BB)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Thought I’d let you know how Lyla (BB) is getting on. She has a new found confidence (well only just) and ventures downstairs to have a snoop around. Both her and Loki (our other cat) are very wary of each other; they keep having little face-offs and don’t really like to be around each other.

Lyla is coming in for more cuddles now and likes to run around the whole of the upstairs – especially when we are trying to sleep! We’ve nicknamed her Zorro as she jumps around so quietly after she has so ungracefully stomped around!

I thought I’d share some pictures of her having a peep downstairs. She’s a wonderful addition to our family and we love having her here!!

And now another update…

We’re very excited as we had a massive breakthrough and thought you should know. Lyla has a great new confidence and Loki and her are getting on thick as thieves and play most of the day and then have a kip in the evening. It all happened a few days ago when Lyla started to meow at Loki and they just began to play!!

Lyla has taken to eating and sleeping downstairs and barely hides upstairs anymore! I hope the pictures show you how they are getting on.

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