Dandy & Barney

Dandy & Barney
7 May 2008 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just wanted to let you know know how Barney and Dandy are getting on. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since we brought them home and they are really coming out of their shells.

On the first night, Dandy was so protective of Barney he sat on him like a hen nesting an egg!

But we soon got Dandy on my lap, he is very sweet and this week Barney voluntarily climbed onto my lap (as long as Dandy is by his side!) Barney is very playful and we have even been woken up in the night to find him attacking our feet on the bed!

Each day he has got braver and loves exploring the house and carrying his favourite mouse toy with him! I’ve found him catching drips in the sink and attacking his own shadow, purring very loudly!

The poor thing has already had a trip to the vet after getting a hernia (he now has a big bald tummy) but he is on the mend and I have never seen a cat being washed so much as when we reunited him with Dandy.

Dandy is very affectionate and loves his spot by the radiator or on my lap for a cuddle-he has also joined in the games, particularly chasing string, where he reverts back to being a kitten again!

They still have their timid moments and it takes a bit of persuading to get them out from behind the sofa but I think a few more weeks and they will be completely at home. It’s so rewarding seeing them settle in and after losing our two cats earlier this year it is so nice to have company in the house again.

Than kyou so much for letting us have them.

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