11 May 2008 Aime Cox-Tennant

Hello, Bella here. I am sure from the picture you will remember me. I am very happy in my new home after a bit of a worrying couple of hours, which I spent behind the HiFi shelf in a cupboard, very handy it was too so I could suss out my new friend Andy.

Who when I got braver and came out to investigate had a bowl of Felix waiting for me a lovely fresh litter tray, and all the toys a pussy cat could want and every time he goes out more toys come home its great. I might actually play with them soon! I don’t often have time for playing with toys now because I have a lovely big bed to sleep on!

If I not sleeping or nibbling I like to spend a lot of the time looking out the window at the birdies. Although I do try to be brave I do get scared still, mainly carrier bags, doors shutting any unexpected noises really but I am getting more confident.

Everyone who has come round to see me (or Andy) has said how beautiful I am even Andy’s mum who doesn’t like cats told me and stroked me! Andy says to tell you that, I have made coming to terms with his Olive passing on a lot easier because I have given him cuddles and looked after him, when he looks at her picture and knows he did the right thing for her by letting her go. Anyway I have to go now as I have finished dictating now because paws are quite tricky to type with, saying that I did give it a go and the keyboard made a funny noise when I stamped on it!

So just to say thank you to Donna (apologies if wrong name Andy’s not good on them, cant get the staff) for looking after me and lots of love and licks to everyone. I have attached a picture of me on my bed for you too see too. Love Bella (formerly Beattie) and email typed by Andy!

PS. Thanks to everyone at Bristol and Wales Cat rescue who put up with my emails just before I picked up Bella with all my questions. Wouldn’t be without her now.

Thanks Andy

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