Feisty Marmite (was Bobcat)

Feisty Marmite (was Bobcat)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Last December we were lucky enough to re-home Marmite. We were very sad as we had just lost the last of our family of cats, at the age of 18 plus. We were missing Dino so much and didn’t think we would get another cat – until we were introduced to the tiny scrap of fur that was Marmite.

He is amusing, feisty, funny, loving, determined always to get his own way, brave and so very affectionate – he has transformed our life.

From the first night he determined where he was going to sleep (on top of the wicker washing basket on the landing so he can keep an eye on us), what he would eat and what he wanted us to do to entertain him. He would patiently carry his toys upstairs to bed and back down again in the morning.

It was sad to see him disconsolately trudge back to the house yesterday, with his bushy tail trailing along the floor, because we were going out in the car shopping; but to see him fly out of the cat flap on our return was wonderful. His tail is normally flag-waving in the air as he thunder paws from cat flap to cat flap.

He has transformed our lives and is a total bundle of joy. The picture shows him after he had trashed a delivery box! The second shows him out-staring a spider!

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