Alfie the Climber

Alfie the Climber
11 April 2008 Aime Cox-Tennant

Alfie has settled in very well. He has had his jabs and was allowed out a week last Friday. He has totally explored the house and garden. He goes into next door’s garden on either side and that’s about it.He climbs everything in sight.

Last Sunday he was in the garden somewhere , we could hear him crying but could not see him until my eldest son spotted him up one of the oak trees at the end of the garden.

He was about 25 feet up sitting on a branch and could not come down.I got a double tier ladder from the garage in order that I could climb up to retrieve him. However, he managed to leap onto another branch and climbed down.

He torments the other two cats in a friendly way , he just wants to play with them. I have managed to get some of the tangled fur off , he does not like to be touched down under.

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