Loving Evie & Adventurous Oscar (were Tallulah & Lucifer)

Loving Evie & Adventurous Oscar (were Tallulah & Lucifer)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

A year on, Evie and Oscar (18 months old) have really made a home here. They have many rooms to choose between and during the day their favourite spot to sleep is on the spare bed on a soft fleece throw.

Their personalities have grown over this time and each has distinctive characteristics! For the first week Oscar would hide under the sofa and we couldn’t even tempt him out with Dreamies! They then started to sleep by each other’s side and lick each other. Now they tend to avoid each other and enjoy their own space. Not quite sure what they fell out over!

Evie is a very loving girl and shows a lot of affection towards me, but mainly towards my boyfriend! She either sits on our laps or is spread out on the radiator behind us as we sit on the sofa. She absolutely loves the heat and home comforts! Evie is quite vocal and likes to let us know that she is around. She is a beautiful little tortoiseshell.

Oscar, on the other hand, is an adventurer. He enjoys roaming the local gardens, jumping fences and searching for mice and birds. He is not very successful but will never give up! He often likes to stay out all night but when he comes back in the early hours, he makes up for all the missed attention by jumping on our bed. Oscar is an attractive young chap with a soft coat. Judging by the way he prances around the house, he knows it!

They really are a special pair and have brought us lots of happiness!

Thanks Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue, keep up the great work!

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