Mad Remus & Quiet Sirius (were Coby & Cleo)

Mad Remus & Quiet Sirius (were Coby & Cleo)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

We took two tiny kittens from you in September 2011, who were then called Coby and Cleo.

They are now fully grown and totally part of the Carter family. We renamed them after our favourite books, the Harry Potter series. So now the black one is Sirius (as in Sirius Black) and the black and white is Remus (after Remus Lupin).

They have developed very distinct characters. Remus is absolutely mad – he will eat anything he can get hold of, often gets stuck up trees and has grown a tail like a fox’s brush! He looks rather scruffy, as he is now quite long-haired, so in that respect he is like his namesake.

Sirius is quieter but a very independent young cat. He likes to disappear for hours at a time, exploring the local area, and then stroll back for feeding time. Both have lovely natures and our two children love them dearly – as do we.

Thanks for finding our new family members.

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