Loyal Lolita, Timid Shadrack, Beautiful Nefertari & Wonderful Zykene

Loyal Lolita, Timid Shadrack, Beautiful Nefertari & Wonderful Zykene
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

I thought I’d send you pictures of my three lovely cats – all from your fabulous cat rescue.

The cat on the plant pot – an undignified (if amusing) pose, but for some reason I struggle getting good pictures of her – is Lolita (formerly Bobby) who we adopted in May 2008. She’s a chubby girl who nearly died from cat flu before we got her. This means she still has runny eyes and the occasional relapse (poor thing) but you couldn’t wish for a more loyal, affectionate cat. And wow, does she like her food!

The ginger tom is Shadrack (formerly Snap) who we adopted late last year. He’s not the smartest cookie – or the bravest cat – and was very stressed arriving into a home with cats already in place. He got even worse when we introduced my little beauty Nefertari (black cat striking a pose with poinsettias, formerly Suki) several weeks later.

On your excellent recommendations, Zylkene saved the day, and now these two are always together. They play fight continuously, tearing round the house and garden before flaking out on one of the beds – see the picture of them together.

Lolita is also very smoochy with Shadrack, and he seems quite chuffed with his little harem! Nefertari and Lolly aren’t the best of friends, but it is only 6 months in – I think given time they’ll get on much better.

So thank you for my cats – I absolutely wouldn’t be without them, and wish I could take on lots more (working on my other half…).

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