Spoilt Tigger

Spoilt Tigger
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

On our drive home he was well and truly distressed and when we eventually got him home he didn’t want to come out of his carrier. We left him for a few hours and then prized him out. He then found the nearest nook behind the sofa and remained there for weeks, only coming out for food and water when the coast was clear!

We didn’t spend a great deal of time coaxing him out from his comfortable and safe hiding places. We thought in time he would eventually just come round to the idea that we were his friends and weren’t going to hurt him, so we carried on our usual daily routine and within a few weeks he was synchronised with us.

He’s a very happy boy now and he gets massively spoilt with treats and smoochy cuddles. He even sleeps in our room. He has some great chilling out locations: one on the sofa next to the radiator, one on another sofa by the window, so that he can watch the neighbour’s cat and passers-by down below, and one in the back bedroom, on the window sill, looking out for the tasty birds in the tree.

He also looks a lot healthier. He was quite slender when we got him but now he’s filled out, his coat is shiny and his eyes sparkle. In short, he looks like a youthful little chap. We can’t imagine life without him.

I really admire the work you do at the cat rescue and hope you are able to continue fostering.

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