6 August 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just thought I would let you know how little Wiggles (used to be Sooty) is getting on. Barney (of Barney and Dandy fame) was very suspicious at first and Wiggles spent his first night halfway up our chimney! (now blocked off).

We’ve had him about two months now and they love playing together. It was quite confusing at first having two black cats-but we soon distinguished the two as Wiggles has huge bat ears and zooms around at high speed!

It’s done Barney good to get more exercise (he’s been getting a bit tubby-as you will see from the little and large photo!) They like bird watching together on the windowsill and Wiggles is so playful and extremely cuddly.

Barney is also doing well-he now spends every night on our laps and meows if we stop stroking him! We can even pick him up and cuddle him with no fuss.

Thank you so much, it was so sad losing Dandy but I’m glad that Barney has a new friend to play with and it’s been worth the patience to get Barney to trust us as he is so sweet now!

I’ve attached a few photos (Wiggles is the one playing with the mice and with the huge ears!) Many thanks

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