Confident Theo (was Q)

Confident Theo (was Q)
19 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

We got little Q (or Theo as we now call him) in November 2012 from a lovely foster home in Kingswood. He was very shy at first but within 5 minutes was climbing all over us. We knew then that we had to have him.

We took him home and introduced him to our existing cat Bonnie (who was feeling very alone since we lost her brother a month before in a car accident). They hit it off straightaway and have been best buddies since (see picture above).

Theo is a brilliant character, so confident and settled. He has some very funny characteristics including a very particular cry which involves a tiny noise and sometimes nothing at all. He is a massive part of our family now and we want to thank Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue for being so helpful and professional.

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