Daft Freya

Daft Freya
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

My partner and I adopted Freya a year ago, having heard her described as being ‘mad as a box of frogs’. In the beginning Freya was rather aggressive and kept away from us, despite our best efforts. It got so bad that we began to doubt whether we were the right fit for Freya.

However, one day Freya jumped up onto me, and has been a confirmed lap cat ever since. Nowadays the only time she looks cross is when you move off the sofa or stop smoothing her! Freya is wonderfully playful, chasing hair bands, tennis balls and shoe laces. A real gymnast, she will also turn back flips in pursuit of her toys!

Her playful disposition, and the ability to scare herself while chasing crumpled up paper, has earned her the affectionate nickname of ‘daft cat’! Freya is also happy wandering the neighbour’s garden. Aside from chasing squirrels, she has become the queen of the neighbourhood cats, chasing even the biggest toms out of our (her) garden!

We are so glad to have persevered with Freya; she has become the
sweetest and cheekiest cat, while remaining as mad as a box of frogs! If anyone is having issues with a re-homed cat, do hang in there, it really is worth it. If you are thinking about adopting, go for it…they make great companions and make wonderful winter lap warmers!

A big thank you to Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue for helping us with
the process and the ongoing support; you do wonderful work!

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