Chatty Lola & Cautious Dave (were Georgie & Marty)

Chatty Lola & Cautious Dave (were Georgie & Marty)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

I’d never been allowed a cat growing up, so when I bought my first home, a pair of cats were top of my list. I went to visit the lovely Tracey in Backwell, and was chosen by two of her lovely kittens. I say chosen by them because Dave came and plonked himself in my lap, and Lola climbed in my handbag! I could not have wished for two lovelier, friendlier, more gorgeous cats.

Dave had a difficult start to life, dumped with his mum and siblings by a railway. He’s always been the more cautious one, but is a delight. Lola is the one always demanding my attention, chatting away to me, and causing me the most amusement as she climbs up on top of bookcases and doors.

I love getting home from work in the evenings; the pair of them are usually sat on the path waiting for me, giving me the “Mummy did we say you could go out?” look, before demanding food! In the evenings, Dave curls up on the back of the sofa, and occasionally paws me for a tickle, whilst Lola snuggles up on my lap until bed time, when she demands to get under the duvet with me.

They also love watching the Formula One racing with me, and I know Tracey watches it, so they clearly remember hearing the noises from when they were tiny. Lola even tries to “get” the cars on the TV. They give me many hours of entertainment and repay the love I show them over and over.

I am so very glad I got them, and even after 4 months, I honestly cannot imagine life without them. Thankyou to everyone at Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue, you all do a brilliant job. Lots of love, the fast turning into crazy cat lady!

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