Affectionate Jack & Mischievous Jess

Affectionate Jack & Mischievous Jess
20 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Thought you might like a quick update on Jack and Jess that we adopted from you in the summer. They are lovely kittens with a lovely nature, especially with our daughter. They are very affectionate, love cuddles and are still very playful. Jess is the most mischievous and, even as I type this, she is next to me, trying to chase the curser around the screen and sit on the mouse!

They both seem to love water and frequently sit on the side of the bath whilst my little girl is in it, and they both love a dripping tap which they find fascinating. Jack is often found removing the flannels from the bathroom and taking them off all around the house. Both of them love to climb on the clothes horse, which is hilarious and looks like something out of the circus.

Neither has been out yet as we are waiting for them both to be neutered. Jack was done last week and has come through it fine and Jess is due to be done when she is 6 months old. Jack is desperate to go out and we constantly play the game of ‘can we get out the door before he does’! They are truly lovely kittens.

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