15 June 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Here are some recent photos of Maximus – sorry it’s taken so long. He now has a full title of Lord Maximus Jam Sandwich, or Jammy Max for short! He’s settled in ever so well. His skin has now totally cleared up and he’s turned into a total fluff-ball.

His general health is much better now and that’s reflected in his energy – he’s been tearing around the house, stalking absolutely everything, and doing a whole lot of attention seeking! And he’s ever so friendly and good natured, even when my parent’s dog comes over. Couldn’t really ask for more!!

Maximus has settled in very well to his new home. He’s definitely made himself at home and his character is really starting to come through.

For the first 5 or 6 days he spent most of his time asleep but in the last couple of days he’s suddenly become really active and has been tearing around chasing shoe laces and stalking biros! It’s lovely to see him more chirpy – even if it does make tying your shoe laces very difficult!!

We’ve had all sorts of friends and family over to meet him and he’s loved the attention. He now has a favourite spot on the window sill where he looks out and watches the birds, and has taken ownership of the sofa (and not even sniffed the basket we bought him specially).

He’s cleverly discovered that we have a hot water pipe running under the floor in the hall way and so that’s another of his favourite places to curl up.

He’s eating very well (and tries to jump in the fridge/freezer/food cupboards whenever they’re opened) and I think he may have put on a bit of weight already and is looking a bit brighter and more healthy.

All in all he’s settling in very well and is a pleasure to have around – we’re so happy to have him!

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