Settled Dylan

Settled Dylan
30 October 2014 Aime Cox-Tennant

Well, we’ve been together 3 months now and we are very much in love.

Thank you so much for sending me her way, it’s a real success story. Although, I’m really struggling to shift any weight off her – I live on a main road so I take her out for a walk a good few times a week but she’s a sitter rather than a walker!

Still…as long as I keep her surrounded with cardboard boxes and chase her up and down the stairs and feed her as little as I can get away (without being shouted at) with then she’s vaguely active. A hungry cat is an active cat-but she defies that rule. She has ways of getting round me.

We’ve learned how each other works and as she’s deaf, we’ve worked out a sign language we both understand. She shouts, I go to find out why – it’s a system that seems to work, haha.

Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for helping me and Dilly-face as she brings a world of joy to my days. Except the going out of her way to knock my glass of water off my bedside table so that it spills everywhere and on me – then has the audacity to bat the side of the glass ‘dingdingding’ to demand more water to spill. She’s already got a pint glass of her own water on the floor, but mine is much more fun its seems…um…as you were!

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