Active Milo & Oreo (were Maximus & Caelius)

Active Milo & Oreo (were Maximus & Caelius)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

We were found in the yard of the Roman Glass factory with our mum and brother by a kind man who took us to the Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue and asked if he could name us.

We have now been adopted and renamed Milo and Oreo and are very happy. We play with our toys, play fight, wash each other and cuddle up together to sleep.

We have lots of toys and an activity scratching post which keeps us entertained. We love sitting on our owners’ laps and purr very loudly. We also love sitting in the conservatory which we have taken over as our play room.

We hope our mum and brother are as lucky as we are in their forever home.

Milo and Oreo

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