Robbie & Cleo (was Shannah)

Robbie & Cleo (was Shannah)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

I thought I would share with others the story of two kittens we adopted from you at the show held at the Redland Green Parish Church event in Bristol on the 4th December 2012.

I only went to donate some items after losing the second British Blue cat that the family had adored for years and said I didn’t want another cat as it was too heartbreaking. However, by the time I had walked around out of curiosity, Robbie and Cleo were to become two new members of our family by Christmas.

Robbie was about 8 weeks old and from a group of kittens called ‘Take That’. He was said to be the naughtiest kitten and he has lived up to his name. He was a tiny fluff ball with medium length hair. He has proved to be the most sociable kitten and as soon as he emerged from his cage made himself at home by sitting on my son and going fast asleep.

He was an adorable kitten and explored everywhere – he was in the Christmas tree – up the curtains and into any box he could wiggle into. He is now much bigger at 8 and a half months and quite stunning – with the appearance of a Maine Coon. He is quite astute and has managed to open a kitchen cupboard and paws at the living room door handle – nearly opening it on one occasion.

He is large with the most glamorous tail I have ever seen – an explosion of fur which stands erect whenever he walks towards us. In fact, he doesn’t really walk but bounces agilely and leaps on surfaces with ease. I think our Robbie is an athlete at heart and would win any high jump competition.

Robbie is adored by all four of our children and he is picked up, cuddled and entertained whenever they are around. When we are watching television, he likes nothing better than to sit on us or between us – often lying on his back with legs akimbo. We know this is the posture of trust for a cat who is very much loved.

Robbie’s brothers were all reserved and as we wanted two kittens for company when we were out during the day, we searched for another kitten. We spotted Cleo (previously Shannah), the same colour and markings as Robbie but delicate and dainty looking with a glossy coat. She was such a nervous little soul when she was taken out of the cage at the show as her little paws shook and our hearts went out to her.

I had fallen in love with this sweet little kitten but wondered if I was doing the right thing by getting a female and such a different personality. I had some doubts that the kittens would get on as they were from different litters but we were assured that they were young enough to learn to get on.

As soon as Cleo emerged from her cage she went straight behind the sofa and stayed there while Robbie basked in the attention. I stayed up until the early hours and she did come out for some food and to use the litter tray. Within 48 hours, she and Robbie were fast asleep together on ‘splat cat’ – our name for their soft bed – and have got on famously since.

Cleo is now smaller with a wonderfully elegant swishing tail and walks gracefully across the floor. She does not take any nonsense from Robbie and suddenly pounces on him, chasing him wildly around the room. She is more timid in her play but the word ‘copy cat’ comes to mind as Robbie taught her to play with a piece of paper which he would pick up and run around the room with. It was lovely to see her watching him and copying what he was doing.

Cleo grooms Robbie, who laps it up, and they are clearly both very fond of each other. Where you find one, you will find the other.

So, I am very glad I went to the show that day and walked around the room. It is heartwarming to know there are voluntary groups who care enough for animals like Robbie and Cleo and put every effort into making sure they find them good, permanent homes.

Thank you to the rescue group for all their caring work and making us a happy family.

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