Diesel (was Jake)

Diesel (was Jake)
2 December 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Diesel has finally made it out to the front last week in Garfield’s company. But after a few minutes there was a loud knock on the door.

We thought it was a neighbour but discovered it was Diesel! He just “knocks” both paws on the door which sounds really like a person doing it. He is very happy to go to the back garden but prefers it if the door is open.

Diesel is still in awe of Garfield and when they get their mad 5 minutes they can create havoc. Diesel seems to be quite vocal when he is trying to tease Garfy. Diesel seems not seem to be a lapcat like Garfy but does like his strokes and cuddles on floor level.

Most nights he ends up on my feet at some point. Mr. Diesel has also discovered the cat food cupboard and is often asking for more – maybe we should have named him Oliver?? But that would have been confusing as my son is also called Oliver 🙂

Although he really turns on the charm we are trying to persuade him that maybe it would not be such a good idea to have another pouch of wet food. All in all he seems to have adapted to my routine and seems quite happy.

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