Cordy & Willow

Cordy & Willow
14 June 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

We decided to give Cordy and Willow a home and they joined us early this year as we had unfortunately lost our lovely 17 year old tortoiseshell called Willow a few months before.

Cordy and Willow have been with us around 4 months now and I think you will see from the pictures that they have settled in very nicely.

It did take a few weeks for Cordy to get relaxed with us and she spent quite a bit of time on top of our kitchen cupboards looking down at us from a safe height. Willow was much braver and wanted to cuddle up from quite early in our newly formed family.

We feel that the girls are now very settled and we think that they are fabulous. We have enjoyed finding out about their characters.

Cordy is a licky cat and likes the outdoors. It is like having a teenager in the house as she like to be out at night and sleeps in during the morning. Willow likes to settle on our laps or on the sofa next to us in the evening.

You can see Willow asleep under some patchwork that I am trying to put together. As we live in the countryside, they both have access to lots of fields and seem to love prowling around in the field behind us.

Both have lost a little weight but the vet says they are fit and healthy, their coats are lovely and they eat well.

Thank you so much for letting us adopt these lovely cats. I do hope that their previous owner reads this ‘happy ending’. They are certainly lovely cats, very well behaved and a real credit to her.

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