Magic, the puss with a grass allergy

Magic, the puss with a grass allergy
12 June 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just thought that I would write to you to let you know how things are going with Magic (I have kept her original name as it suits her so very well). You may remember her as the little black female cat with a grass allergy, so has to be an indoor cat.

I collected her from her previous owner on my birthday 1st April (the best birthday present) which was the Thursday before the Easter weekend, so I had a good 5 days to get her settled into my flat before I would have to go back out to work.

She has settled in so well. Her allergy has settled and she has put on some weight and her coat is looking fabulous!! She is coping very well with having to live indoors permanently and loves to chase her catnip mice around the living room!!!

Her favourite time for doing this is at around 1am, just as I am about to go to bed!!! Bless her timing!!! She is also very good with a 5am alarm call, just to let me know that she is around, a quick fuss later and she settles again until the alarm proper goes off at around 7am!

I have kept in touch with her previous owner with updates and photos and she and her family are going to pop over and visit her sometime. I enclose some photos so that you can see just how settled and happy she is. One other thing she talks for England!!!

You can certainly tell that she has Siamese in her!!!

Thank you so much for putting me in touch with Magic and her previous family and I wish you all well in re-homing all those cats that need a wonderful new home for whatever the reason. The work that you do is invaluable.

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