Millie the muse

Millie the muse
1 June 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

It is now 5 months since we collected Millie (on one of the snowiest days of the year) who was then 9 months old (making her 1 year old in April), from Jen, her ‘foster mum’.

She had only been there for a couple of days with her mum (Ruby) and brother (Tubbs) and three younger siblings but we knew at once that she was ‘the cat for us’.

Millie settled in quickly with us, spending the first 6 to 8 weeks inside as the bad weather delayed her being spayed.

Once she had her operation, she had to wear a ‘lampshade’ for two weeks as she bit out her stitches as soon as she came round from the anaesthetic and had to be stapled! We knew then that she was going to be a character and quite different from, Cassie, our previous cat; a rather stately old lady of 12.

Now that it is warmer and sunnier, Millie’s favourite place is our garden and our neighbour’s garden. She spends hours out there either sleeping or just watching whatever it is that cats watch!

Millie has also become a model. She is the subject of my daughter, Katie’s, GCSE art project and, as well as paintings, drawings and photographs, there are collages and an intriguing hollowed out book all featuring Millie – and a few other cats.

My mother-in-law’s dog, a 5 year old Jack Russell called Bella, has been living with us temporarily since quite soon after we had Millie so she has had to adapt to sharing her new home. Although, to the best of our knowledge, Millie had never met a dog before she quickly became ‘the boss’.

Bella was used to our previous cat ignoring her and has been quite bemused by a younger cat’s antics. Millie would love to have her as a playmate but Bella has other ideas and prefers to curl up in her bed and sleep – if she gets the chance – and Millie does not try to join her there.

However, it is amusing seeing them both vie for my attention, particularly around feeding time.

We love having Millie and we hope she loves us!

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