Happy Caturday from Daisy 💜

“Daisy is a 9 year old, white and black moggy. She’s always been very inquisitive and is always the first to the front door when the doorbell goes to see who it is! She is super playful and loves to chase anything that moves – laser pens are her favourite. Daisy loves to sleep on your lap and will happily enjoy a head scratch, but doesn’t like her belly stroked unless she’s by a fire! She loves the garden, but doesn’t tend to wander far and will follow you around if you go out with her.
She’s neutered and fully vaccinated with no medical problems. She eats Purina dry food and absolutely loves her Dreamies as well as the water from a can of tuna!
In the right environment she’s very loving, but unfortunately she hasn’t adapted well to young children. She has lived with other cats before and does tolerate them, but she would be happiest as an only pet (she’s never lived with dogs) in a home without children.
We’re really sad to have to rehome her as she’s been a part of the family since she was a kitten, but we know she’s not happy here around the children. We just want her to have a home she’s happy and comfortable in.”
Daisy is in Weston with her owner at the moment to save her the stress of a move into foster (plus we’re bursting at the seams!).

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