The Very Handsome Willesden

The Very Handsome Willesden
12 March 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Willesden (Lucky) was neutered today and it made me realise how much he has grown since you brought him to us in November! He stopped using soft things as litter soon after I emailed you for advice – thanks to close supervision and a stern look or two! – and seems to have settled in well.

The children love him and are so gentle with him – my son has donated one of his toys to him (a little ball type thing) as Willesden has become so attached to it: my last job before bed each night is usually retrieving it from under the fridge for him to play with overnight.

He is very cuddly (on my lap as I type, of course) but is also becoming very interested in the outside world and once he is over his op and the snow has gone we will start introducing him to a whole new adventure outdoors!

We also think he is very beautiful and I couldn’t resist sending a few photos.

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